ohb bobby 2Hickory – Olde Hickory Brewery released the 2017 edition of Daniel Boone at Hops & Grapes on Aug 31st, with cases arriving at Olde Hickory Station the next day, and the rest hitting wider distribution the next week.

This is the 4th Daniel Boone release, with each DB release bearing a new face:

2012 – Jonathan Wells, OHB rep in Charlotte at that time

2013 – Chris Riley, beer manager/buyer at Peabody’s in Boone

2014 – Michael Brawley, owner of Brawley’s Beverage in Charlotte

2017 – Bobby Bush, owner of Hops & Grapes in Hickory

When asked about the process for choosing the next Daniel Boone, Jonathan Wells said, “I can’t speak for why I was chosen, but subsequent Boones were selected based off of their contributions to the Craft Beer culture of North Carolina. Peabody’s and Brawley’s have supported craft beer, as well as OHB, for several years now, and this is the brewery’s way of saying “thank you.”

BobbyBushBobby Bush was selected for being a friend to OHB for as long as we can remember, and for his contributions to the Hickory area craft beer scene. His column helped cement his legacy. And, as anyone who’s seen his basement can attest, he’s quite passionate about his craft beer. He’s quite the pioneer, so it made perfect sense to make him our newest Boone.”

Bobby wrote a column, Beer & Loafing, as Suds Brewer, for Focus Newspaper in the 90s. He was into craft beer long before it was cool!

From Master Brewer Steven Lyerly at OHB, “Bobby really has done more for the craft beer industry in NC and the SE than most know.  He has worked hard to create a market place that did not exist 20 years ago; and he did this for no other reason than his passion and love for beer.”

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Top image: Bobby Bush as Daniel Boone on this year’s label. Bottom: Bobby Bush & Steven Lyerly at the release of Daniel Boone at Hops and Grapes.