Though a 30-24 loss to Seattle, one of the NFL’s better teams, is not embarrassing, the Carolina Panthers continue to lose games on a weekly basis.

Carolina has now dropped six straight games and enter Week 16 this week with a 5-9 record. And they are now just 2-5 at home this season. Losing at home, in the recent past, was a rare occurrence. Not anymore.

Along with the current losing streak, this franchise has more questions than answers. Is Cam Newton going to be back in 2020? Will Kyle Allen, who threw three interceptions Sunday, be the starter at quarterback next year?

The bigger question is who will be the coach next year? Although there are many Urban Meyer rumors floating around, there has been some recent talk of Meyer being sought out by new owner, David Tepper.

More On Cam

I am of the belief that the Carolina Panthers will move on from Cam Newton. I am not sure what the market will be, but Newton has a relatively team-friendly contract compared to some of his younger peers. Teams, including Carolina, will have to do their due-diligence on Newton’s health.

Cam Newton

There has been some Newton to the Chicago Bears talk of late and I can see this happening. Though Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky has played better lately, the Bears are unlikely to bank on him long term. Chicago has a roster to contend for a Super Bowl now. A combination of Newton and a dominant defense may be too much for Chicago to pass up. Remember, Newton, during his MVP season, took the Panthers to a Super Bowl.

Brady’s Pro Bowl Streak Is Over

Though the New England Patriots have an 11-3 record, it has not been quarterback Tom Brady who has led the way for the Pats. Instead, it has been New England’s top-ranked defense.

The eye test tells us that Brady’s play has declined. Evidence of this is the fact that Brady was not named to the Pro Bowl for the first time since 2008.

The AFC’s quarterback representatives are the Baltimore Ravens’ Lamar Jackson, the Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes and the Houston Texans’ Deshaun Watson.

Brady remains tied with Peyton Manning, Tony Gonzalez, Bruce Matthews and Merlin Olsen for the most career Pro Bowl selections with 14.

The decision comes amid a tumultuous year for Brady, who has repeatedly expressed his frustrations with a Patriots team that has averaged just 17.6 points in its last five games. Among qualified players, he ranks 20th in the NFL in passer rating (86.5), 28th in yards per attempt (6.5) and 29th in completion percentage (60.1%).

When Will Zion See The Floor?

The NBA season is already a quarter of the way completed and we have yet to see Zion Williamson on the floor.

Questions continue to make their way around the NBA on just when the No.1 draft pick will hear his name in the New Orleans Pelicans starting lineup.

Zion Williamson

Ever since his supposedly minor injury last spring at Duke when he blew out his shoe, more injuries have mounted. Those who stated his body frame is too big to play as athletic as he does are giving us the ‘I told you so’ statements.

Well, I did some research and came up with a possible return date or two.

Following arthroscopic surgery to repair a torn lateral meniscus, Williamson was initially estimated to be out six to eight weeks. Using the NBA’s Opening Night (Oct. 22) as a starting point, a full eight weeks would have pushed his debut date back to this week.

Well, that has not happened. The Pelicans are now looking at extending his time out until early 2020. They stress that need for caution and state that Williamson’s weight is not an issue as far as the number of injuries Williamson has endured in 2019.