Hickory – Being a parent of a young child is hard work – preparing bottles, changing diapers, giving baths, and the list goes on. It can also be stressful, with concerns about your child’s development, medical diagnoses or safety.

Care Coordination for Children (CC4C) is a voluntary program that supports, at no cost, children birth to five in Catawba County at risk for reaching their developmental potential. Care coordinators aim to support the successful growth and development of children by identifying and educating families about the programs, services, and resources available to meet their children’s health needs, and by empowering parents to make decisions that best meet their children’s needs.

Care coordinators are a way to provide extra support and reassurance to parents, and have a goal of improving the long-term health of children by linking parents to services that will meet specific challenges for that child.

CC4C focuses on children who have special health care needs or who are at increased risk for chronic physical, behavioral or emotional conditions. It includes children who are exposed to toxic stress, including extreme poverty in conjunction with continuous family chaos, children who have experienced recurrent physical or emotional abuse, have suffered from chronic neglect, have mothers with severe, enduring depression, have parents with persistent substance abuse or who have been exposed to violence within the community or family. It also includes children who are in the foster care system, children who frequently access healthcare services, or who access high cost services.

CC4C care coordinators help families identify needs and find ways to meet those needs through home visits, phone calls, text messages, visits to the doctor with the family, and more. Parents can expect care coordinators to:

• Recognize you as the expert on your child.

•Ask you about your child’s and family’s needs, concerns, goals, and questions.

•Work with you to help you build a strong link to a medical home (regular doctor) for your child.

•Work with your child’s health care providers to be sure you get what you need.

•Offer referrals to community resources to meet your family’s specific needs.

•Assist families dealing with challenging levels of stress.

•Offer information on health and family topics, including child growth and development.

•Take the time to talk about your child’s health and development.

•Help you get answers to your questions.

CC4C services are provided by Catawba County Public Health in partnership with Community Care of North Carolina and the NC Division of Medical Assistance. Referrals can be made by anyone, and participation is voluntary.

Want to find out more about CC4C? Call (828)695-5800.

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