Hickory – As we grieve with our community and country, Hickory Museum of Art is a safe place for dialogue, giving voice to diverse perspectives, and healing. The responsibility to foster empathy while activating the power of art toward positive change is embedded in our mission and core values. We believe Black Lives Matter and stand in solidarity with all who appeal for an end to brutality, systemic racism, marginalization, and intolerance. Our team is committed to amplifying the voices of all who promote social justice and reform. So, we are opening our space to provide a stage for creative and artistic expression that is an outlet for the anguish, distress, and pain that define our world today, as well as the spirit of hope and possibility that will help build a new tomorrow.

We invite all people, regardless of age, background, or ability, to submit a brief proposal to contribute to a 10 x 75 ft collaborative canvas that will be installed in the museum’s Coe Gallery. From there, we will ensure that participants are able to book a socially-distanced time to work in our space. We look forward to listening and learning from our community. We hope that many will come together through this project to speak strength into the movements that are underway.

To participate:

Please email [email protected] with Raise Your Voice Proposal Submission in subject line and include your proposal along with your name and contact information.

You will then be contacted by teamHMA regarding next steps.