Hickory – Redhawk Publications is excited to announce the publication of Drinking with Others, Kincaid “Kade” Jenkins’ first poetry collection. Jenkins is also a Poet Kincaid “Kade”Pushcart Prize nominee who was published in the James Dickey Review. Jenkins has been writing for over twenty years. He has been an educator, a mentor, a traveler, an athlete, an artist, a purveyor of goods, a manager of people, an investigator, a treasure hunter, a student of life, a blue-collar worker, and an office drone. Each of those professions and hobbies has helped him learn and write about people from all walks of life.

Jenkins comments, “When the pandemic hit, I felt a need to pursue writing as something more than a hobby. It helped keep me sane and focused. My hope is that this collection will appeal to people who normally don’t enjoy poetry. People who think of poems as silly childhood rhymes or material they were forced to read in school dealing with unrequited love told by people dead now for hundreds of years. I would like for them to see that poetry can be found in everything they love, from sports to beer and travel to politics. You need only look closer to find it.”

Redhawk Publications Senior Editor Robert Canipe remarked, “Drinking with Others by Kade Jenkins is a fascinating collection because it encourages readers to really pay attention in the moment. Jenkins makes readers think about what they can get out of having drinks with loved ones, strangers, and friends. Drinking with Others includes a good variety of emotion, sports, and casual chatting. I highly recommend Drinking with Others for readers looking to find a deeper connection to the simple things in life.”

A free book launch party will be held on Saturday, July 16th at Sidetracked Brewery in Downtown Morganton, North Carolina starting at 5pm. There will be a short poetry reading and the opportunity to purchase books and have the author sign them.

To purchase Drinking with Others, visit https://tinyurl.com/DrinkingWithOthers