It’s been said people resemble their dogs and vice versa. Oddly, this usually refers to looks. However, your favorite canine breed’s personality traits may reflect your own. Although, there is much to be said about popular breeds chosen for intelligence, affection, energy level, independence and playfulness.

And you thought Spot was merely ballistic to see you when you walk in the door. Jumping up and down! Licking your face! Barking hello! Piddling on the carpet! Yep, absolute canine bliss. Except the piddle. Hey, at least it wasn’t poo. Of course, cleaning up a ‘happy to see you’ piddle puddle isn’t the welcome home we’d prefer. Especially since we only walked to the mailbox and back.
Bobbi G
Speaking of spot cleaning. The Lucky Charm pups are five weeks old on the 21st and I’ve cleaned up more piles of poo than I thought humanly possible. Thus, I have officially renamed the adorable bundles of fur “Poopies.” Well, the proof is in the piddle pads. A 50-count pack in a week! Dickens, even a neat-nick like myself has limits.

Wait…sniff, sniff. “OMG! Not again!” “Okay poopies, it’s escalated to crisis mode now! Tomorrow…no TODAY! I’m creating a corral and placing all cute, yet poopy, pups outside for some fresh air. So, turn those frowns upside down on your furry faces. Besides, it’s for your benefit.” (and mine)

Thank goodness, I had the foresight to put down a shower curtain under the piddle pads or I’d be finding a forever home myself. Seriously though, one more week and things will get back to normal around here as all the pups pack their squeaky toys and leave. Sigh, I’m going to miss each one of their stinky paws too. Especially since their personalities are emerging.

The first male born is very playful, alert and races against his sisters to get to the action. He’s never left out of a playful puppy pile, nor does he sit and wait for adventure to find him. He’ll find it first. Such a happy pup.

The last male born is the quiet, reflective one. More inclined to relax and watch over his siblings most of the time. He plays well with others, or by hself. Until I get close. Then suddenly, he turns into a mushy, puppy pile of love and affection. A very lovable pup, indeed.

As for the smallest of the litter, she is as her size might suggest…pensive at times. Holding back just until she’s sure. Then once she makes up her mind all is well, “look out” as she jumps in with all four paws and joins the fun. Sweet and shy, she’s building her confidence by leaps and bounds. Yet her coyness reels you in and you can’t help but fall in love.

For her more assertive sister, this little red pup hangs out with her brothers since she matches them in size and strength. On the tom-boy side, she’s either starting play-time or diving into the middle of a fuzzy, squirming pile. I was a little concerned about her at first because she seemed easily frightened. But that’s all behind her now as she greets me with puppy kisses as soon as I’m in sight.

Finally, the middle female is somewhat independent. She’s usually the first one to the food bowl and the last one to leave. Once she even fell asleep with one paw still in the dish. Cute Kodak moment, indeed. She’s also very affectionate and loves to play with her litter mates.

Dickens, they’re puppies! They are all chuck full of playful puppy love, perky personality and poo…definitely poo!

Can you imagine…a canine with your personality?

Smile, and turn that frown upside down!

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