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To the Stars (2020) A bullied young girl, growing up in rural Oklahoma in the 1960s, finds herself coming into her own after befriending the new kid in school. When the new kid’s enigmatic past rears its head things take in unanticipated turn in this interesting film directed by Martha Stephens.

A White, White Day (2020) A man’s quest to find out whether or not his recently deceased wife was faithful forms the basis of this thriller from Iceland. Hilynur Palmason directs.

Curtiz (2020) is a behind the scenes docudrama about the production of Casablanca and the inner turmoil of its director, Michael Curtiz, during that time.

Banana Split (2020) A young girl, smarting from a recent breakup, sees her life take an unexpected direction when she befriends the old boyfriend’s new girlfriend in this witty concoction from writers Hannah Marks and Joey Power.

Banana Split

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Bad Boys For Life (2020) Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return for a third go round in this belated sequel that was a surprise success last winter.

Warner Archive:

Tin Cup (1996) Director Ron Shelton (Bull Durham) co-writes and directs this winning tale of a Golf pro’s quest to win the hand of a psychiatrist who’s come into his life. Kevin Costner and Rene Russo star. No Extras.

Action of the Tiger (1957) Van Johnson stars in this adventure yarn set against the backdrop of the cold war. Here he’s enticed in to agreeing to a rescue mission in Albania. Sean Connery appears in a bit part along with Martine Carol and the great Herbert Lom. Directed by James Bond helmer Terence Young and beautifully photographed in Cinemascope. No Extras.

Elvis Presley in King Creole


The studio is debuting a new line of titles from its vast and storied library. Branded as “Paramount Presents,” each release is remastered and includes bonus content focused on the filmmakers. Presented in collectible packaging that includes a foldout image of the original movie poster and interior artwork.

The first three films in the “Paramount Presents” Blu-ray line, released April 21, are Fatal Attraction, which has been remastered under the supervision of director Adrian Lyne; 1958’s acclaimed Elvis Presley drama King Creole; and director Alfred Hitchcock’s intoxicating romantic thriller To Catch A Thief, which celebrates its 65th anniversary this year.

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