Hickory – Redhawk Publications proudly presents “RPM Friends,” a thrilling comic book written by first-time author Grayson Sigmon under the pen name G.C. Axelrod. Targeted toward young readers seeking fast-paced adventures in a vibrant cartoon format, Sigmon’s debut work is set to charm audiences with its fun characters and lively illustrations.

What sets Grayson Sigmon apart is his talent as an author, age, and unique abilities. At just 24 years old, Sigmon is among the few authors on the autism spectrum who have ventured into the comic book genre. Inspired by his childhood passion for cars and animated series, Sigmon brings his love for competition and teamwork to life in “RPM Friends.”

“I grew up playing with Hot Wheels and watching cartoon racing shows, which has fueled my desire to write this book,” said Grayson Sigmon. “My comic book revolves around two competitive race teams. While one team follows the rules to win, the other will stop at nothing to win.”

Accompanying Sigmon’s imaginative storytelling are the dynamic illustrations by Iredell County artist Nick Forte. Forte, who the Sigmon family approached a year ago to bring Grayson’s story to life, expressed his excitement about collaborating with the young author.

“I’ve been working closely with Grayson over the past year, and each meeting has fueled my excitement,” said Nick Forte. “Grayson possesses a deep understanding of characters and action, making our collaboration a joyous journey.”

For Grayson, writing “RPM Friends” holds significant personal importance. As a natural-born storyteller, this book marks a momentous achievement for him. Grayson’s father, David Sigmon, shared his pride in his son’s achievement and highlighted the significance of this milestone for autistic individuals.

“Most autistic children rarely experience a sense of accomplishment. Grayson has achieved his goal, and as a parent of an autistic young adult, I cannot express how much this means to me,” said David Sigmon. “I am proud to say that my son is an author, and this is just the beginning. Grayson has a universe filled with stories, characters, backstories, and sequels waiting to be explored. We are thrilled with his newfound community of writers and creatives, which has given him a sense of belonging.”

Redhawk Publications stands firmly behind Grayson Sigmon and his book, “RPM Friends.” Publisher Robert Canipe expressed his enthusiasm for the project: “When Grayson and Nick presented their work to us, we were blown away. The illustrations, the fast-paced and fun storyline, and the overall look and feel of the comic book took me back to my youth. As a publisher, you want to experience the author’s vision, and from the first page, Grayson manages to captivate young readers. We eagerly anticipate a long and fruitful collaboration with Grayson.”

Grayson will have his premiere book launch at the Redhawk Publication’s Book Fair on September 30th at the Catawba County Library in Newton, NC, from 10 am – 2 pm as part of the Catawba Valley Festival of the Arts.

The author and his family have ensured that partial proceeds will go to local organizations that help families with autistic children and young adults.

Copies of “RPM” are available for purchase on Redhawk Publications’ website at: https://tinyurl.com/RPMFriends

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