Hickory –  Hickory resident and author, Terri Perret, has released her book titled, Frankie, from the Holly Springs Book Series in collaboration with Redhawk Publications, a local publisher associated with Catawba Valley Community College. Frankie, the first book in the series, initially started as a self-published work and revolves around a young adult grappling with a troubled past.

Perret, reflecting on her writing journey, shares, “Completing this book took me two years, coinciding with my pursuit of a graduate degree at Liberty University.” She further explains, “The story is highly relatable, featuring a seventeen-year-old protagonist who faces trials and learns the power of forgiveness, a universal experience in life. What makes this book truly unique is the divine inspiration that shaped its characters and narrative. Frankie stands as a testament to the Glory of God, with each chapter, plot point, and dialogue guided by His direction. As I sat at my keyboard, the characters came to life, behaving in ways that surpassed my own imagination, but rather reflected His influence.”

Redhawk Publications’ graphic design editor, Melanie Zimmermann, discovered Perret and her book during a chance encounter at a local strip mall. Zimmermann shares her intrigue, stating, “In this day and age, it’s rare to see an author earnestly selling their own book from a small table in front of a local pet store. Most authors rely on book signing events or online platforms like Amazon. However, Terri’s passion for her book compelled me to engage in a conversation about her publishing journey. Learning of her unfortunate experience with a vanity press, I realized that Redhawk Publications could provide the assistance she needed. We’re delighted that she now has a book she can be proud of, which also benefits from our broader distribution channels. It’s a wonderful story that may be categorized as young adult fiction, but I assure you, it will captivate readers from ages 12 to 99 who hold a reverence for God. Its storyline is truly engaging.” For additional information on the book and to order your copy of Frankie visit: https://tinyurl.com/FrankieByPerret

Redhawk Publications is an artistic initiative of the Catawba Valley Community College, publishing written works of interest for the local community, North Carolina, and the entire United States. Established in 2017, Redhawk Publications offers over 125 titles to date and is one of only three community colleges nationwide with a publishing press. For additional information on Redhawk

Publications, visit their website at https://redhawkpublications.com, or contact Patty Thompson at [email protected]