Hat Full Of Rain by Chris Georgalas

Valdese, NC – Rock School Arts Foundation presents the works of  Chris Georgalas / Painting & Mixed Media and  Jeri Boerger / Photography. The exhibitions can be found in Gallery I & II  at the Old Rock School in Valdese, NC. Exhibition dates are March 1 – March 29.  Opening Reception will take place on Sunday, March 3 from 2-4pm. Public is invited to come and enjoy the artwork while getting to know the artists.  Artwork may be viewed at RSAF website: www.rockschoolartgalleries.com

Chris Georgalas was born in Bogota, Colombia, before being adopted by an American family. After college, he lived in New York City for over 20 years. The city’s culture and energy live in his work. He has worked as a graphic designer, machinist and artisan. Chris uses objects as he would with lettering, cropping and composition in Graphic Design. The found materials almost place themselves. In his work, he samples ideas, colors, words and visuals of anything and everything around me. His work is a combination of found objects and graphic design. Chris has always enjoyed creating artwork and looks forward to developing his technique and style. Chris now resides in Charlotte, NC.

Jeri Boerger was born in Racine, Wisconsin. She uses her camera to play with light; to display the beauty and magic of the world around us. Jeri documents moments in time and leads the viewer to a deeper realm that is a product of imagination. This is achieved by using techniques such as long exposures and intentional camera movement – capturing the moment and expanding upon it. In the end, her goal is to encourage others to see the world around them in new and different ways. Jeri Boerger resides in Valdese, NC.

Top Photo: Door by Jeri Boerger