*Scenario /sɘ’nēreo/ noun; a postulated sequence or development of events. A scenario is similar to a *situation / siCHe’wāSHɘn/ noun; a set of circumstances in which one finds oneself. Primary difference being that a “situation” is currently in progress and a “scenario” hasn’t happened yet and might not happen at all.

There is an inquiry that has graced the hallowed halls of comic book stores, and crossed many a gathered gaming table, for generations. In more recent years, due to trending rise of the superhero film genre (currently in decline), this query has become a commonplace venue for discussion in all walks of life, status quo be damned. The question posed: “If you could have one superpower, what would it be?”

Much can be learned about an individual by what “power” they choose. Moreso by what they’d choose to do with it. That said, let’s look beyond the initial question and complicate matters a bit by inserting a few “what ifs?”.

Through a simple genetic procedure, you’d be guaranteed the ability to fly. Flight ranks high on the list of desired superpowers and most think of the Superman variation — pump a fist to the sky and up, up and away. But, what if it would be more bird-like? You’d have to flap your arms to take off and constantly flap (updrafts pending) to stay aloft, in the process looking like a complete moron. What if it meant you’d grow wings, or your arms become wings? Would soaring through the clouds still seem that appealing?Scenarios... Super Powered Situations

While Superman’s still on the table, you awake one morning to discover you have x-ray vision. With a little practice, you can control the depth of layers you see through. Would you become the most respected x-ray tech, head of airport security or a distasteful pervert? Whatever you choose, if everyone knows, no one will trust your gaze again. Thinking they could see right through your intentions, as easily as you see through them. But what if you really were see-through?

While cooking dinner, you accidentally discover two spice combos that allow you to turn invisible and visible with a single dosing. Before deciding how to best use your newfound concoctions, you develop suspicions that your significant other might be getting significant with another. Do you become an unseen stalker to put your mind at ease, or rely on trust? Once invisible stalking began, would it ever end? How much would be enough or too much?

An accidental overdose of gamma radiation has altered your body chemistry. And now, when you grow angry or outraged, a startling metamorphosis occurs — you’re now a Hulk. With time (and anger management classes at the local community college) you gain control of the raging spirit that dwells within you. Would you use your newfound strength, invulnerability and perfect disguise for personal gain? Think smashing into banks and whatnot. Or just let it be a surprise for people who p*** you off in traffic?

Whilst driving down a lonely, country road one night you are abducted by a U.F.O. The beings aboard claim they are ambassadors from another world with the Earth’s best interest in mind. They offer you a super suit that will grant you amazing abilities to do good and become the greatest American hero. Do you walk on air or choose not to believe it?

Not wanting to be outdone by aliens, the Canadian government recruits you for their super soldier program. You are given a choice of a foolproof serum that will give you animal-keen senses, rapid healing and age regression. Or to undergo an infallible process to have razor-sharp, knuckle-retractable, foot-long blades implanted into your forearms. (Yes — like Wolverine). Which would you choose? You can’t have both, as the healing factor serum would cause your body to reject the claw implants.

Lost during a deep woods hike, you come across an armored, weaponized, exosuit. Made from iron perhaps? Markings indicate it’s Property of the U.S. Government. The suit’s still powered up but its inhabitant is long dead. Do you report it… or steal it?

By lottery, good investments, or scandal, you are a genius, billionaire, playboy (or girl) philanthropist. Do you use your fortune to create non-lethal fighting gadgets, don a rodent based suit and fight crime? Or just make large yearly donations to the policeman’s ball?

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