Hickory – The Hickory Music Factory’s “Betty Cline Scholarship Fund” raised over $3000 online recently for free music lessons for foster children. HMF has partnered with Sipes Orchard Home to provide lessons in drums, guitar, vocals, piano and more as a way of giving these kids an opportunity to explore music. Music is a wonderful tool for self expression and confidence building and is a proven source of therapy for kids of all ages.Scholarship Fund Raises $3K

Betty Cline died in Dec. 2019 and was the mother of HMF’s co-founder Rick Cline. Her mother, Lizzie-Kate had a sister that was given up for adoption at a young age due to financial hardships on the family. This separation was very traumatizing for Betty’s mother. As a result, Betty Cline always had a soft spot for foster children.

Thanks to this scholarship, HMF will be able to provide music lessons to foster kids for years to come. HMF also provides scholarships based on merit or financial need such as the Mark Weaver and Steven Parker Gullett scholarships.

For more information on how to donate to these scholarships please visit www.hickorymusicfactory.com or call 828 308 5659.