LeBron James has been taking heat from the media the last few weeks for his stance and his support of Communist China over the thousands and thousands of Hong Kong citizens who are protesting for their freedom and their future.

Let me put two facts out on the table. First, James makes millions and millions of dollars from his Nike shoes contract from the Chinese. Secondly, all the Hong Kong citizens are protesting for are the rights they were promised when the United Kingdom handed control of their territory over to China in 1997.

The NBA vs. China controversy started a week or so ago when Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey sent out a seemingly innocent text message supporting the protest that polls indicate a high majority of Americans also support. In other words, civil rights.

LeBron James

The same ‘civil rights’ that James professes to support here in the United States. I wonder if the Hong Kong citizens see the hypocrisy? And when LeBron attacks politicians here in the USA, how can he have any credibility in not questioning the lack of freedom and civil rights in China? And yes, protesters are now burning LeBron James jerseys in Hong Kong. So, they see the hypocrisy.

James referred to Morey as being uneducated on the topic. Perhaps a look in the mirror is in order. As is usually always the case, follow the money. And James clearly lost some credibility this past week by choosing money (selling shoes and marketing “Space Jam 2” to 1.4 billion Chinese people) over civil rights.

James has stated that he has been to China more that a dozen times promoting the NBA or Nike, who considers China its third largest market. And you know he would love to have Space Jam 2 distributed to the Chinese population.

I, for one, did not think he would speak out over the Chinese government who could shut down his business interests in the region. Money over substance.

Speaking of educated on the subject, I wonder if LeBron is aware of the concentration camps the Chinese government has set up in Hong Kong?

Personally, I doubt it. But I bet he knows the NBA revenue from China is around $500 million annually. No, LeBron did not look too good this week. He basically is admitting that all he cares about when it comes to the rest of the world is cashing those big checks.

Panthers Keep Winning With Allen

Kyle Allen

The Kyle Allen/Cam Newton saga continues.

Allen is still subbing at quarterback for Newton. And Carolina keeps winning games.

The Panthers are now 4-2 after Allen led them to a 37-26 victory over Tampa Bay last week.

Allen is not flashy but he has not made many mistakes in leading Carolina during the current four game winning streak. Yes, the Panthers were 0-2 with Newton starting.

Allen is completing close to two-thirds of his passes and has seven scoring passes while having not been intercepted yet.

Carolina has a bye this week and Newton is expected to be back at practice next week. It is then that the question will be answered. Are the Panthers considering moving on from Newton?

Head coach Ron Rivera initially stated Newton would resume as the starter upon his return. He has stepped back from that statement of late so who knows.

There is little doubt that Newton is the better quarterback. But the Panthers have not been winning games of late and he is often injured.

There’s also the matter of Newton’s $21 million salary cap hit next season, the final year of his contract. Should the Panthers continue to win under Allen, Carolina could keep Newton on the roster for the rest of this season and then cut him, saving a significant chunk against the cap.