Auburn, AL (AP) – An Auburn University student connected on a long-distance shot, draining a length-of-the-basketball court putt on Saturday to win a car.

Conor Boyle made the 94-foot putt, rolling a golf ball from one baseline and through a sign next to the opposite basket during a promotion in the second half of Auburn’s game with Georgia.

After the putt found the small opening on the sign, Boyle raced around the court celebrating while fans erupted and TV cameras showed Auburn guard K.D. Johnson looking on from the bench with a stunned expression, mouth wide open.

Boyle was the first winner of the promotion this season, winning a car from a local Toyota dealership.

Craig Noyes, a writer for the university’s student-run site The Auburn Plainsman, won a car in the contest in February 2023. It was the first time a student made the putt since 2014.