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Lakers Get Their Guy

Anthony Davis was finally traded last weekend. Davis was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers by the New Orleans Pelicans.While the Lakers gave up a ton to acquire Davis, this is the kind of roster-changing move that could lead them...

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LeBron’s Supporting Cast

Los Angeles Lakers team president Magic Johnson seems content to surround LeBron James with some explosive personalities either slightly past their prime or with somewhat checkered pasts as teammates. I am speaking of Lance...

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Just Like That

The Los Angeles Lakers, with the weekend signing of LeBron James, now have the second-best odds to win next year’s NBA title. That is what the signing of James to a four-year, $154 million max contract did. The Lakers, who were...

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The LeBron Sweepstakes

LeBron James is keeping the NBA in the news this summer. He is doing so, as it has not been a secret that he is thinking about leaving Cleveland this free agency season. I will likely spend some time over the next few columns...

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