halloween-meThe witching hour is nigh as bloodcurdling manifestations of an unearthly All Hallows Eve simmer slowly in a macabre cauldron of ghastly superstitions. Morphing this year? Spooktacular! For those of you brave enough to cackle ‘yes’ under a full moon at least; as for the rest cowering in a corner…sniveling…afraid of your own eerie shadow… Great Caesar’s ghost! Be your own shadow. Howlll incredibly ingenious, as well as, Harry Potter-ish is that? Don’t blow a casket, just saying it might be enough to wake the dead. BOO!

Besides, transforming spellbindingly into a nightmarish creature or clever character is beyond spine-tingling. Imagine if you dare…nightfall creeping over the horizon like a Black Widow spider awakening spirits best left concealed under cryptic tombstones. Spooks roaming unheeded, whispering in the bone rattling chill…be anyone…be anyone you want…

Embrace a fantasy, squelch a fear, or create an alter-ego. Jeepers Creepers, the possibilities are limitless. I realize for most, Halloween entrails ghouls and goblins but costuming isn’t broomsticked witches, fanged vamps and ferocious wolf faces anymore. Great pumpkins no! Envision Robocop meets Peanut Butter and Jelly meets Superheroes meets The Long Arm of the Law. In fact, as I sifted through skulls and cross bones concocting a spectacular idea for this year’s party I glimpsed a surreal specter out of the corner of my eye. A group of girls dressed as brightly colored loofa puffs complete with the rope. Three other women wore gray body suits and sported huge ears and sunglasses…three blind mice, of course. Awesome!

However, this year I’ll have a partner in crime. Frightening? Indeed. Yet, everyone believes Gina and I are twins. Hence my suggestion “Siamese twins joined at the hip and recently separated” with fake blood soaking through fresh bandages. Gross? Please, it’s Halloween! However, while appreciating astute creativity I’m not a gory costume aficionado. So we nixed the questionably morbid idea. However, feel free to use it. For added hilarity pair with your total opposite, like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in Twins. Or invent other mismatched couples like Goldie Locks and Godzilla, or Pink and Purple Rain. (Try pulling off creating purple rain.)

Sigh, my first Halloween seems like only yesterday…a princess in a little pink dress and plastic mask. Oops, too far back. Fast forward a few decades (circa 1998) and I dressed as a Biker Babe complete with six inch black platform go-go boots, fishnets, leather cap, spiked choker, rose tattoos, hot pants, black gloves, wrist cuffs and a long blonde wig. What can I say, I went nuts but it was my first ‘adult’ Halloween party. Wouldn’t tell my date what I would be either, just that the initials were B. B. He guessed Bumble Bee. Reeeally? Do I look like Bumble Bee material? Hmmm, perhaps in a French Maid outfit. Yikes…did I type that out loud? My bad! Anywho, he didn’t recognize me because he was looking for a bumble bee. Go figure. Of course, it might have been the dark sunglasses. Plus I was 6’2” in the boots. I let him wander around for a while then tapped him on the shoulder. He was pleasantly shocked. The club even asked me to compete in the costume contest. Wild! Didn’t win. Still wild!

The next year I was inspired by my southern roots and the color of midnight. Romantic version: female Johnny Cash. Unromantic version: cowgirl.

Ahoy Mateys! As a buccaneer one year I added long feathers to my pirate hat and used swatches of heavy fabric tied around my waist as a shabby chic final touch. Unfortunately, I had to keep adjusting the makeshift skirt because I was dancing my knee high suede boots off. Totally worth it though.

Then running out of daylight a few years ago in yet another quest to reinvent myself I scoured my closet in a frenzy looking for anything that looked like…well…anything! Can you believe I still own elephant ear bellbottoms? Me either. The rest was sheer magic. Went into the closet me…came out Disco Queen. Far out!

Fortunately, it occurred to me after my frantic search for a costume that year if all else fails I have my comedy character Eleanor. She’s a hoot and the life of any party. Luckily though, I’ve been able to keep her in the closet on Halloween. Last year was a group theme with friends. What fun! We were the Gilligan’s Island castaways: Gilligan, Mary Anne, Ginger and Skipper. However, I won’t be Ginger again any time soon. Dickens, Gina and I spent two hours poofing my hair; then hosed her signature style down with two cans of red hair paint. We missed a spot, but that was then. This is now.

Loved the group idea so much I’m doing it again with different friends this year. Yet, looking back it occurred to me I usually dress in black, my go-to favorite color in clothing. However, (not sure how it happened) this year I will be in one of my unfave colors…butter. I meant yellow…or gold…or…sigh. Honestly, given a choice between a chicken nugget, or a gold nugget, I choose gold. Nevertheless, wouldn’t dare break the magic spell and spill our secret. However, the initials are S. B.
Can you imagine…holding a suitcase with the word TUNE written on it? Carrying a tune!

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