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The Killer (**) The great filmmaker David Fincher is back with his latest, which reunites him with the writer of their earlier success, Seven. Unfortunately the end result is a far cry from their terrific previous teaming. Michael Fassbender is an assassin who accidentally misses his target and spends the rest of the movie simultaneously seeking revenge and avoiding his own demise at the hands of those whose job he didn’t complete. On paper it surely sounds interesting but the execution falls short in spite of some interesting stylistic touches. The main problem being that there’s no one to really care about in the midst of all the mayhem. To make matters worse it’s all tied up into a nice and tidy bow at the end that feels out of step with the grim nature of the preceding 110 minutes. Yet another misfire from a director with a great command of the medium who has stumbled way too much here of late.

Tilda Swinton in The Killer

The Stones and Brian Jones (***) The always interesting documentarian, Nick Broomfield, directs this documentary portrait of the early years of The Rolling Stones before the untimely demise of founding member, Brian Jones. The film provides unique insight into Jones’ contributions and features never before seen footage to support its thesis.

New to Disc: 


Duel (1971) Steven Spielberg’s exceptional debut feature film makes its way to the 4K format this week and contains both the original TV version (it was made for TV) and the later theatrical version. Previous Blu Ray extras have been retained. 

Leave it to Beaver: The Complete Series (1957-63) The entire six season run of the classic 50s sitcom makes its way to Blu Ray this week in a new 30 disc set that contains previously issued extras as well. 


The Last Picture Show (1971) The Oscar winning tale of a group of high schoolers coming of age in a small Texas town in the early 50s, gets a terrific new 4K upgrade that also includes two cuts of the film’s sequel, Texasville, on a bonus Blu Ray disc, along with previously issued documentaries.


New releases from the label this week include 4K and Blu Ray issues of the latest installment of the Denzel Washington action series, The Equalizer 3 (2023),  a new 4K director’s cut of the terrific sports film,  

Rudy (1993), the Oscar winning documentary portrait of defense secretary, Robert McNamara, The Fog of War (2003) and a sequel with a cult following, Short Circuit 2 (1988), the latter of which contains new extras.


Terms of Endearment (1983) The much deserving Oscar Winner for Best Picture, starring Debra Winger and Shirley Maclaine as a mother and daughter navigating their complicated relationship through the decades, gets the 4K treatment as part of the Paramount Presents line of titles. There are a few new bonus features as well. 


Two Days in the Valley (1996) John Herzfield’s multi character crime tale, obviously inspired by Pulp Fiction, makes its way to disc in a new Blu Ray edition that includes a new commentary/interview and featurettes. 

The Aviator’s Wife (1991) Eric Rohmer’s tale of a young man’s obsession with his girlfriend, after he catches her leaving her ex lover’s apartment, makes its way to Blu Ray in a new edition that includes a new commentary. 

Computer Chess (2013) A computer chess tournament in the early 80s is the setting for this critically acclaimed comedy now on Blu Ray with a fresh batch of extras. 

Warner Archive: 

Rapa Nui (1994) Kevin Reynold directed this dramatization of the origins of Easter Island now getting its first ever Blu Ray release.

In Love and War (1995) Sandra Bullock and Chris O’Donnell star in the true life romance between Ernest Hemmingway and his nurse during WW I, directed by Richard Attenborough and  now debuting on Blu Ray.

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