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The Teacher’s Lounge (***) The Oscar nominee for Best International Film of 2023 is an engrossing tale revolving around what happens when a teacher discovers that the culprit behind a series of thefts is not the person everyone else has suspected. This leads to all sorts of life complications for all involved as expected and creates an ever escalating sense of dramatic urgency for the viewer. This one merits only three stars simply for its non ending but otherwise it’s a solid experience all of the way.

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Photo: Leonie Benesch as Carla Nowak in “The Teachers’ Lounge.”

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The Conan Chronicles (1982-84) is a new deluxe set from the label containing the first ever 4K release of Conan the Barbarian and its sequel, Conan the Destroyer. Both films have also been issued separately but true fans will want to spring for the deluxe edition which includes such bonus goodies as three cuts of the first film, archival documentaries and newly filmed interviews.

Murphy’s War (1971) Peter O’Toole is a vengeance seeking sailor whose shipmates were massacred during the last days of WWII in this thriller from  Peter Yates (Bullitt) getting its first ever Blu Ray release. Archival interviews and a visual essay are part of the bonus materials.

Radiance Films:

The Sting of Death (1990) is a tale of love betrayal set in the aftermath of WWII concerning the fallout from a married writer’s affair with another woman. The acclaimed film was also a Palem d’Or nominee at the Cannes film fest. Extras include a documentary.

Goodbye and Amen (1978) Tony Musante is a CIA agent whose plan to overthrow the African government goes awry in this Italian thriller getting a first ever Blu Ray release.


Trainspotting (1996) comes back to the Criterion label in a new 4K edition that not only boasts a sparkling new transfer but includes such bonus materials as new interviews, deleted scenes and commentary.

Also being issued by the label this week is Dee Rees’ acclaimed look at racism during the mid 20th century, Mudbound (2017).


The label has two new 4K releases this week and they are the Fritz Lang noir, Scarlet Street (1945) and the cult horror film, The Boogens (1981), the latter of which was a favorite of author Stephen King. Both contain various bonus materials which include commentaries.

Monk: The Complete Third Season (2004) has also been issued by the label on Blu Ray this week with some new commentaries.

Warner Archive:

The Marx Brothers’ second film at MGM, A Day at the Races (1937), comes to Blu Ray for the first time ever and is accompanied by such bonus materials as a commentary, making of featurettes, classic cartoons and various audio treasures.

Joe’s Apartment (1996) Based on an MTV short film, the cult classic featuring singing/dancing cockroaches and starring Jerry O’Connell, comes to Blu Ray for the first time and also includes a few bonus cartoons.

Cabin in the Sky (1943) Ethel Waters and Lena Horne headline the exceptional cast in this film adaptation of the Broadway musical of the film’s title making its Blu Ray debut this week. Extras include commentary and interview excerpts with star Lena Horne.

And speaking of cartoons, the animated comedy, Rover Dangerfield (1991), featuring the voice talent of Rodney Dangerfield, comes to Blu Ray for the first time as well and also includes two bonus animated shorts.

Also being issued by the label this week are The Prince and the Pauper (1937) and Faithless (1932), both of which include bonus materials as well.

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