Film Reviews by Adam Long

Now in theaters:

Dune (2021) (Not reviewed) The latest attempt at a cinematic adaptation of Frank Herbert’s celebrated novel has finally made it to movie screens after a COVID related delay. Denis Villeneuve directs a rather impressive cast led by Timothy Chalamet. (Also streaming on HBO Max).


Timothee Chalamet as Paul Atreides in “Dune.”

New to Disc:

Warner Brothers:

The Suicide Squad (2021)The most dangerous super villains in the world are tasked with a search and destroy mission in James Gunn’s reimagining of the same titled film released just five years ago. Extras include featurettes, commentary and a gag reel.


Beyond Darkness (1990) The director of Troll 2 crafted this tale of a child killer who retrofits the home of a new minister, turning it into a portal to hell. Extras include interviews and a soundtrack CD.

Blood For Dracula (1974) Filmmaker Paul Morrissey’s take on the legend of Dracula gets a 4K upgrade in this sparkling new edition containing bountiful extras.


Deep Red (1976) Dario Argento’s suspenseful tale of a musician’s attempt to solve an axe murder has been given the 4K treatment in this new set that retains all of the previous extras from the older Blu Ray set.

Giallo Essentials (1965-77) This new set includes several Italian horror films making their Blu Ray debut. These include The Possessed (1965), The Fifth Cord (1971) and The Pyjama Girl Case (1977). Each film includes featurettes and commentaries along with a collectable booklet.


The Stand: (1994 and 2020) Both takes on Stephen King’s celebrated novel have been bundled together in a new multi disc set. Extras include a gag reel and featurette on the 2020 version.

Star Trek: The Complete Original Series (1966-69) The beloved sci fi series has been reissued in new collectible packaging to celebrate its 45th anniversary. All of the previously issued extras have been retained in this attractive new set.

Corinth Films:

The Shepherd (2019) A shepherd finds himself pitted against a corporation attempting to take over his land in this Spanish drama from Jonathan Cenzual Burley.

Warner Archive:

Eye of the Devil (1966) Deborah Kerr is shocked to discover that husband David Niven’s ancestral home is a playground for the occult. Extras include the film’s trailer.

Mary Stevens MD (1932) Kaye Francis and Lyle Talbot are doctors whose relationship is tested time and again in this pre code melodrama. Extras include the trailer.

Dinner at Eight (1933) George Cukor directs this adaptation of the stage hit set against the coming and goings of guests at a Manhattan dinner party. Extras include a Jean Harlow documentary and film short.

Children of the Damned (1964) The six gifted children from Village of the Damned are back in this sequel. Extras include a commentary and trailer.

Shout Factory:

Two contemporary animated classics from Laika Animation are getting a deluxe upgrade. They are Coraline (2009) and Paranorman (2012). Both boast new extras which includes test footage, concept art and photo galleries. Previous extras have also been retained.

Nothing But Trouble (1991) The critically derided but audience approved cult comedy starring, co-written and directed by Dan Aykroyd has been given a hi def upgrade with some new extras.


Say Amen Somebody (1982) George T. Nierenberg’s joyous celebration of the African American Gospel music scene and its artists has finally been given a much-needed restoration. Extras include outtakes, commentary and a new interview.

Other titles being released by the company this week are Fritz the Cat (1972), The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat (1974), For Love or Money (1993), Hot Saturday (1932), Torch Singer (1933) and The Cheat (1931).

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