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Spencer (**) Kristen Stewart is the real reason to see Pablo Loraine’s take on a chapter in the life of Princess Diana, circa December 1991. Here we get to see the Princes of Wales on the verge of serious depression and trapped like an animal in her surroundings, or so the film would want us to believe. The problem is that there’s no story arch, leaving the viewer with not much else than endless scenes of Diana wandering about in an agitated state as the holiday approaches. Stewart’s performance is interesting-even if you’re never quite unaware it’s a performance-and the film’s technical merits are quite extraordinary. Still, there’s no denying the film is dramatically inert and, as a result, just lies there, as you wait for something momentous to occur that never does. When it’s over you know little more about the film’s subject than you did when it began.

Kristin Stewart in Spencer

Kristin Stewart in Spencer, the latest Princess Diana movie

New to Disc:


Genesis: The Last Domino (2021) James Tonkin directs this documentary film about the attempts of the group, Genesis, to mount a tour during the COVID outbreak. No extras.

The Bank Dick (1940), The Old Fashioned Way (1934) and It’s a Gift (1934) Three of the legendary W.C. Fields’ classic film comedies have been issued in separate editions featuring new commentaries and trailers.


The Addams Family (1991) The first big screen adaptation of the fondly remembered TV series has been issued in a new 30th anniversary edition with a director’s cut of the film and extras.


The Hills Have Eyes (1977) Wes Craven’s fondly remembered horror film has been given a 4K upgrade in a set that retains the previously released bonus features as well as a 40 page booklet.

Warner Archive:

The Last of Sheila (1973) Anthony Perkins and Stephen Sondheim penned this terrific whodunit set aboard a yacht, all of the guests connected in some way to a deceased movie mogul’s wife. Herbert Ross directs with a sure and steady hand. Extras include the trailer and commentary.

Fury (1936) Spencer Tracy is a wrongly imprisoned man out for vengeance after being mistaken as a victim of a lynch mob in this socially aware drama from filmmaker Fritz Lang. Extras include commentary from director Peter Bogdanovich and trailer.

Ladies They Talk About (1933) Barbara Stanwyck is a jailed bank robber involved romantically with a reformed fellow prisoner in this pre code crime drama. Extras include cartoon, short and trailer.


LA Story (1991) Steve Martin’s love letter to the city of angels makes its hi def debut with outtakes,deleted scenes and featurettes.

Warner Brothers:

The Outsiders: The Complete Novel (1983) Francis Ford Coppola’s adaptation of the beloved young adult novel has been given a 4K upgrade. The set retains previously issued extras as well.

Film Movement:

The Early Films of Lee Issac Chung (2007-2012) is a three-disc set spotlighting the early works of the Oscar nominated director of last year’s Minari. Films included are Munyurangabo, Lucky Life and Abigail Harm. Extras include audio commentary and behind the scene footage.

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