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Now in Theaters:

Men (2022) Alex Garland’s (Ex Machina) latest is the tale of a woman traveling solo and finding herself menaced by the strange men of the film’s title.

New to Streaming:

HBO Max:

George Carlin American Dream (2022) (*** ½) Filmmaker Judd Apatow co-directs this definitive and long overdue portrait of the legendary comic culled from Carlin’s own personal archives. At nearly three and a quarter hours, it still leaves the viewer wanting more and is certainly one of the best films to be released this calendar year, streaming or theatrical.

Stu’s Show (2021) is a new documentary about the relationship between Lucille Ball and TV historian Stu Shostak. (available for purchase on streaming services).

New to Disc:


Wild Things (1998) (***) John McNaughton (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer) directed this constantly surprising thriller about a financially overextended school teacher (Matt Dillon) and his plans to rectify his current situation. To say more about the plot would be a crime, no pun intended. The new 4K edition contains a nice batch of extras including new interviews, documentary and commentary along with archival features.

One Armed Boxer (1972) The lone survivor of a martial arts school massacre seeks revenge in this thriller starring Hong Kong superstar “Jimmy” Wang Yu. Extras include commentary and interviews.

Warner Brothers:

The Batman (2022) Matt Reeves’ three-hour, box office winning take on the DC comics superhero starring Rob Pattinson hits the streets in both Blu Ray and 4K UHD editions this week. The company is also issuing a 4K upgrade of last fall’s release, Malignant (2021).

Scream Factory:

The documentary film, Trekkies (1997), is being issued in a new 25th anniversary edition along with new 4K upgrades of their previous releases of Candyman (1992) and Lifeforce (1985).


The label is releasing the horror entry, X (2022) (*), from filmmaker Ti West. It bears the distinction of being the worst film I’ve seen in a theater since the beginning of the pandemic although horror aficionados who never saw the better films that supposedly inspired this one may respectfully disagree.


The Beatles and India (2021) is a new documentary covering the group’s sojourn to India in search of spiritual awakening during the summer of love in 1967. Never before seen footage and a never released interview with George Harrison are included.

Kino Lorber:

New releases from the label this week include the 1980 comedy, Times Square.

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Jessie Buckley as Harper in Men