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New to Theaters:

Turn Every Page: The Adventures of Robert Caro and Robert Gottlieb (*** ½) The 50 plus year literary collaboration between author Robert Caro and editor Robert Gottlieb is the subject of this terrific new documentary from the latter’s daughter, Lizzie Gottlieb. The film follows Caro, now in his late 80s and the author of the enormously successful book, The Power Broker, as he attempts to finish the fifth volume in his ongoing series of Lyndon Johnson bios and Gottlieb, at the age of 91, ruminating on the editing process over the years. A real treat for any who appreciates the world of literature and/or a good true-life story well told.

New to Disc:Turn Every Page


Death Wish (1974) The film that elevated Charles Bronson’s status as an action star and spawned four sequels gets a 4K face lift in this new edition. Extras include a new commentary and trailers.


The teen dramedy, The Last American Virgin (1982) and the directing debut of Emilio Estevez, Men at Work (1990) are two of the titles getting a new upgrade this week from the label. Some new extras are also included in addition to the new transfers.


Big Time Gambling Boss (1968) A terminally ill gang boss’s plans for his successor are thwarted, resulting in a violent conflict for all involved in this Asian thriller. Extras include a video essay and image gallery.

Warner Archive:

The Long Long Trailer (1954) Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz star in this beloved comedy about a couple who get more than they bargained for when they purchase the vehicle of the film’s title. This new edition has been lovingly restored with a crisp new transfer.

Goodbye Mr. Chips (1939) Robert Donat won an Oscar for his portrayal of a school teacher who makes a difference in the lives of his students as he finds his own personal life filled with tragedy.

Wife vs. Secretary (1936) Clark Gable stars as a publisher whose wife is convinced he’s having an affair with his secretary (Jean Harlow). All three films are getting a first ever Blu-Ray issue from the label.

Shout Factory:

The Jackie Chan Collection (1976-82) Seven of the Asian action star’s films have been remastered for this set which also includes various bonus materials. Films included are The Killer Meteors, Shaolin Wooden Men, Snake and Crane Arts of Shaolin, To Kill with Intrigue, Battle Creek Brawl, Dragon Fist and Dragon Lord.

Film Movement:

Being Thunder (2022) is a portrait of the life and times of gay advocate, Sherente Harris. Extras include bonus interviews.

200 Meters (2022) A Palestenian father, denied border entry to see his son in an Israeli hospital, takes matters into his own hands in this Venice Film Fest entry. Extras include audio commentary and bonus short film.


The Dentist Collection (1996-98) Both of the fright films starring Corbin Bernsen as the demented fixer of teeth get a new upgrade as part of the Vestron Collector’s series. The set includes new bonus material as well.

Belly (1998) The late rapper, DMX, stars as a street hustler with a thirst for power that leads to dark places in this urban thriller getting a 25th anniversary release from the label in a new 4K edition.


Violent Night (2022) The Christmas horror film from last month gets a disc release this week in both 4K and Blu Ray editions.

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Robert Caro and Robert Gottlieb in Turn Every Page