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Creed III (***) Michael B. Jordan returns in the title role as the protégé of boxing legend, Rocky Balboa. This time, minus Rocky, Adonis Creed finds himself confronted with his past in the form of an old friend, recently released from jail and hungry for a shot at the heavyweight title. Jordan directs in his first time behind the camera with an assured hand. There are no surprises but it’s all effectively done, proving the old adage, ‘why mess with a winning formula?’

New to Disc: 


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) The horror classic from director, Tobe Hooper, returns in a new 4K upgrade which is being issued in both standard and steelbook packaging. There is a new documentary here in addition to legacy extras being carried over. The upgrade in picture quality alone makes this worth a purchase no matter how many times you may have bought it previously.

Also recently issued by the label is The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet Seasons 9 and 10. Both sets, issued separately, contain digitally remastered scans of each episode. (DVD only). 

Warner Brothers:

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Michael B Jordan in Creed III

Training Day (2001) Denzel Washington scored an Oscar for his turn as a crooked cop tasked with training new officer, Ethan Hawke. The film gets its first ever 4K release with previous extras being carried over. 

Rocky: The Knockout Collection (1976-85) The first four films in the Rocky franchise get a 4K upgrade in this spiffy new set. All of the previously issued extras have been retained along with the inclusion of the recent director’s cut of the fourth film. There’s also a new documentary about star Sylvester Stallone’s efforts to recut the aforementioned film that’s included as well. 


Marathon Man (1976) Laurence Olivier’s chilling turn as a Nazi war criminal terrorizing college student Dustin Hoffman, gets a 4k upgrade as well this week in a new edition that also includes a new commentary.

Other new releases from the label this week include The Bliss of Miss Blossom (1968), Secret of the Incas (1954) and Nudist Life (1961), some of which contain bonus commentaries.


Devotion (2022) Jonathan Majors stars as the pioneering African American aviator, Jesse Brown, in this biopic from J.D. Dillard getting both a 4K and a Blu Ray release this week with a few new extras. 

 The Quiet Man (1952) The John Wayne western, which was previously out of print, has been reissued by the label as well this week. 


I Wanna Dance With Somebody (2022) The recent biopic from director, Kasi Lemmons, depicting the life and times of Whitney Houston, comes to disc in both DVD and Blu-Ray editions with a few new featurettes. 


New releases from the label this week include, India Song (1975), Two Films by Marguerite Duras (1975-77) and the terrific sketch comedy from filmmaker-comic, Robert Townsend, The Hollywood Shuffle (1987). All of the new releases include bonus materials. 


Millionaires’ Express (1986) Martial Arts star, Sammo Hung, is an outlaw with a plan to derail a train in this Asian actoner which is also directed by Hung. Extras include commentary, multiple cuts of the film and interviews. 

Shout/Scream Factory:

New releases from the label this week include 4K upgrades of the animated film, Kubo and the Two Strings (2016) and Dragonheart (1996), along with Blu-Ray double features of The Great Texas Dynamite Chase/Eat My Dust (1976-77) and Wheels of Fire/Raiders of the Sun (1985-92).

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