Now in Theaters:

A Haunting in Venice – The 3rd Chapter in the continuing adventures of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poiroy, starring and directed by Kenneth Branagh, has arrived. In this latest adventure Poiroy gets to do double duty by both solving a murder and attending a seance.

Kelly Reilly in A Haunting in Venice


New to Streaming:

Love at First Sight (2023) Haley Lu Richardson and Ben Hardy star as young twentysomethings who keep losing and finding each other in various airports and eventually in London in this romantic comedy.


New to Disc:

Film movement:

Cadejo Blanco (2022) A young Guatemalan working class girl attempts to infiltrate the Gang who may be responsible for her sister’s disappearance in this foreign entry from Spain. Extras include a commentary, video chat, screen tests and a bonus short film.


Warner Bros:

The Exorcist (1973) William Friedkin’s horror classic gets a 4K upgrade in a new edition to commemorate its 50th anniversary; extras are not included on the disc but in the digital version only. There are also two cuts of the film included.



The Last Dragon (1985) Producer Berry Gordy’s cult tale of an aspiring martial artist and his attempts to rescue a beautiful singer from an evil music promoter gets the 4K treatment in a new edition.


Past Lives (2023) The critically acclaimed indie film from this past summer, wherein two people reconnect decades after a childhood friendship, gets a Blu-Ray disc release this week along with a few featurettes.

Fall (2022) This well received suspenser about two young girls trapped on top of a tower that they made the mistake of climbing upon also gets a 4K upgrade this week.


Arrow Video:

Ringu (1998) The Japanese horror film about a videotape that kills those who chances upon seeing its contents-later Americanized as The Ring-makes the leap to 4K this week. Bonus materials included in the previous Blu-Ray release have been ported over.


Shout Factory:

James Gray’s adaptation of the David Gann best seller, The Lost City of Z (2016), has received a 4K upgrade this week from the label. A few new extras are included as well



 The Trial (1962) Orson Welles’ acclaimed adaptation of the Franz Kafka novel about a clerk who is accused of a crime of which he is unaware, gets a 4K release this week. No new extras but the previous bonus materials have been retained.


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