Periodically I reflect on sport topics that make me go hmmmmm.  Let me share a few of these with you.  

• Why does it seem like half the NBA and NHL teams make the playoffs?   It is getting so the regular season hardly means anything.  All you have to do is win just over half your games and you’re in the playoffs. Teams should not be rewarded for mediocrity.

• I saw where Dabo Swinney got a 93 million dollar contract to coach Clemson’s football team.  I wonder if any of the school’s professors question the amount of his contract?   Actually, this substantial contact should make anyone go hmmmmm.

• I’ve heard a few rumors that Dabo Swinney is the heir-apparent head coach at Alabama when/if Nick Saban retires.  Do you think the Alabama graduate would leave Clemson to coach the Crimson Tide?

• Speaking of college athletics, reading that schools are signing eighth graders to national letters of intent makes me go hmmmmm.  It just doesn’t seem right to recruit middle schoolers.

• When I read that 600,000 people, over a three day period of the NFL draft, showed up on the streets of Nashville, Tennessee to watch this event live, I said hmmmmm!  All to just listen to the commissioner call out names.  And party, of course.

• Why do NFL teams need exhibition games and college football teams do not?  Hmmmmm, money perhaps?

• Are the Boston Red Sox suffering from a World Series hangover? Hmmmmm. The 2018 World Series champs are currently 13-17 to start the 2019 season.

• Major League Baseball is instituting a new rule in 2020.  Relief pitchers will have to face a minimum of three batters before departing the game.  This is suppose to speed up the game.  I, for one, think this will work.  Are baseball games currently too long?  Hmmmmm.  Younger fans would say “yes.”

• More and more basketball fans seem to be tiring of the Golden State Warriors continuing to win games, series, and championships. Not me.  They are still the funnest team to watch.

• I wonder why I have not heard LeBron James’ name lately?  Hmmmmm.  That’s right, he’s not in the playoffs.

• Thus far, ratings for the NBA playoffs are down. Why is this?  No LeBron. Hmmmmm.

• Speaking of LeBron, is he still the best basketball player on the planet?  Hmmmmm.  He will answer this next year.

• Duke had a player picked in the top ten of a draft.  Hmmmmm.  Basketball?  Probably, but not yet.  QB Daniel Jones was selected sixth by the New York Giants in the NFL draft.  Hmmmmm.  

Dabo Swinney – the 93 million dollar man
NBA ratings reflect LeBron James shortage