chainsaw_headerAt the dawn of the zombie apocalypse, it shall not be survival of the fittest. Yes, cardio will play a key role in keeping uneaten, but one cannot run forever. It will take wit, intelligence, sacrifice and sh-dookie loads of luck to be among the few, the proud, the unfortunate survivors.

Can you survive as this cadaver chaos… (looking around). Hey where is all the chaos? Where are the cadavers? What’s this? Notice of denied funding??? It seems that since the zombie apocalypse is no longer “trending” the Focus refuses to foot the bill for reanimated corpses. Sigh, so much for visual aid and demonstration purpose volunteers.

It’s irrelevant anyhow. The undead uprising was only to be metaphorically utilized as a natural disaster situation. Honestly, any end of the world scenarios would suffice. Because we’re not focusing on how the world ends but rather contemplating on what you would do if it does.               

To accomplish this goal in the scenes that follow insert yourself into the situation. And truly ask yourself- “What would I do if…

You and some fellow survivors find yourselves trapped within a shelter surrounded by hoards of the undead. They can’t get in, but you can’t get out. Supplies are running low. Starvation is imminent. You find a hidden cache of foodstuffs. Do you add to the ration quota or keep it to yourself? Maybe depends on whom you’re shacked up with?

Fortunately, you’re spared your selfish desires and escape the compound. On the run from cannibalistic crazies, you notice one of your comrades is steadily falling behind. They’re not gonna make it anywhere except for on the menu. Do you allow their unwilling sacrifice to buy the rest some time? Help? Or stand and fight? Would their personality and usefulness to the group persuade you?

Regardless of your decision, you still managed to get away. But in the process of carrying out said decision you’re faced with another. As one of your party has been bitten. A unanimous vote will decide their fate. Abandon them? Wait it out and hope for the best? Put them out of their potential future nightmare? Would it matter to your vote who they were to you if their endgame was inevitable? Can we play favorites at the end of the world?

UNDEAD Situation SimulationAnother stroke of luck prevents you from casting a vote. Because you are the one who was bitten. Do you tell the others? Keep it quiet and with false hopes apply handfuls of Neosporin? Or would you just quietly slip away?     

If you were infected and definitely doomed, would you desire to go quickly at another’s or your own hands? Suffer it out? Or experience life… death… afterlife, on the other side of things as a gore eyed, no horned, grounded human people eater?    

As it turns out no one was bitten. The undead who attacked were elderly and denture-less so you were just mildly… gummed (gag). But in the interim darkness has fallen and you’re on the run again.   

Suddenly the group skids to a halt realizing they’ve come to the edge of a chasm. Can’t tell how wide or deep in the dark, but rushing water can be heard far below. There’s nowhere to go and the undead are rapidly closing in. A leap of faith or the known encroaching evil? Break your neck, drown, be eaten alive… the possibilities aren’t that promising or limitless.

Let’s back up and cross-examine these situations. How decisively different would your decisions be if the group consisted of family members and close friends? As compared to a group of strangers you only encountered and have become a little less strange with after the fact. If you say you’d treat both the same you’re lying to yourself. When the players change, so does the game.

Bonus query delivered from the deep end of the pool. All good things must come to an end and eventually the run, hide, fight would become passe. Life would have to resume in some fashion, far from anything you’ve ever known. After you’ve survived the surviving, would you even have wanted to survive?

As aforementioned, the thrill of a zombie apocalypse has become canceled culture. But thinking of your choices in such a far-fetched scenario may cause some consideration. For the sake of testing your own merit.

I welcome almost questions, comments via Focus, or E-mail me at [email protected]. Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused! See ya.