What follows is a true story based on actual events. The names of persons involved and the location at which the story occurred have been changed to protect the innocent. The name(s) of the guilty have been changed because we don’t know them. Rest assured if we did, their name(s) would not be changed; so that we could all look down upon them with shame and contempt.

Recently a local kennel received a visit from rather common but unscheduled visitor, in the form of a small, flop-eared, tan and white female dog, of no distinctive breed, that showed up on their doorstep. With her tongue lolling and tail wagging the dog seemed amiable enough; just looking for a friend and a drink of water.

Around her neck was a tag-less collar, tied to which was a short length of rope. Initially the logical assumption was that she had gotten scared during one of the recent storms, broke her bonds, run away and gotten lost. Sadly such was not the case. When the weather cleared a kennel worker found the remainder of the rope leash attached to one of the kennels outer buildings. This meant the animal was abandoned and left to fend for herself, during torrential rainstorms, with no food or shelter, on less than four feet of rope.

Now at this point we could (as most writers would) follow up on the plight of this poor creature. We could also take this opportunity to go on a rant about people abandoning animals and alternatives to doing so. But we won’t do either of those because you’ve heard it all before and this writer doesn’t give animal abusers credit to possess enough intelligence to read. Instead we’ll conclude with not so much a happy ending but a fitting one.

END true story based on actual events- COMMENCE wishful thinking based on vindictive agenda.

After leaving the small dog, who sat patiently, like a good dog should, while he tied the rope, the owner headed over the road thinking his “problem” was solved. He was wrong because his problems had only just begun. On his return route, as he turned onto a less traveled stretch of road, his car stalled out. Before he could utter a curse he and the vehicle were bathed in a white blinding light. He screamed as he dematerialized and moments later rematerialized on a large sterile metal table.

Giant alien hands grasped him roughly and removed his clothes. A strange device was placed to his throat, which with an agonizing shock, disabled his vocal cords. Numerous painful injections were administered, and then he was neutered…and spayed. Think it’s impossible to do both? On other planets it isn’t. He passed out from the procedure.

Regaining consciousness he found himself in a huge window display case with colossal, unearthly beings peering in at him. One of them pointed in his direction and he was scooped up and placed in a small cardboard box with air holes. Darkness and much jostling around later, he was placed gingerly in a small glass room. There was shredded paper on the floor, a bathtub sized bowl and giant bottle with a pressure activate spout hanging on the side filled with…water? A slightly smaller being from those who had brought him here looked in at him, curiously fascinated, and why not? It was their first people and chance to show responsibility.

Indeed the smaller being was responsible…for about a week or so. Alas with all the distractions of modern technology, a people for a youth is truly an outdated concept. Thus the man found himself neglected and forgotten.

Soon the adult beings tired of tending to their brood’s people. They no longer wanted to care for or feed the pale skinned creature and cleaning out the pen was a disgusting, oft forgotten task. Thus only a month after acquiring their alien biped there was a serious discussion, a rational conclusion and an undisputable decision made.

That night the larger of the two adult beings gathered the man from their offspring’s room and carried him to a large vehicle. The man rode in dark silence terrified for his own fate. When they arrived at their destination, emotionlessly and with an air of impatient urgency, the small defenseless people was carried towards a large building. The being sat the man beside a post and produced a short length of rope. It then tied one end around the post the other around the man’s neck. This done, the larger being returned to the vehicle and left…never looking back. Purple lightening streaked across the sky and blue tinted rain began to fall. Unable to free himself, the man huddled against the post, shivering.

Two days later he would be discovered- scared, exhausted and dehydrated. The workers at the “People Kennels and Grooming Center” which he had been tied in front of would take him in and nurse him back to health. Later the writer for a local newspaper would hear of his plight and write an article…much like this one.

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