Hickory – Hickory Music Factory announces two upcoming classes. HMF’s mission is building futures through music by teaching, performance and community outreach. The following classes will be offered:

Percussion 101 WorkshopUpcoming Classes For All Ages
January 23-27
Ages: 8 and up
Time: 7-8pm

Learn and experience all areas of concert percussion ranging from keyboard percussion, timpani, snare and more. Rick Cline has 35 years of experience and will teach proper technique for each instrument. A percussion ensemble will be formed within the week long session allowing participants to rotate around to all the major areas of percussion.

To register online for this class, please visit: https://bit.ly/3ZqotBq or call (828) 308-5659

Drum Tuning Workshop
March 19
Ages: All ages
Time: 1pm
Drum Tuning Workshop with HMFs drum instructors, Rick Cline, Matt Decker, and Daniel Reece.

Learn how to tune drums using different types of heads, the anatomy of a drum, the theory behind tuning, and differences between types and brands of drum heads. Drum tuning is an art that can be difficult for even the most experienced of players. But the importance of tuning can’t be overstated. Even the lowest quality drums can sound 100% better with new heads that are well tuned and dampened. It’s so much more satisfying to play a drum-set that sounds amazing and will make you want to play to practice them more.

If you plan on getting your drum set privately tuned at the workshop, we strongly encourage you to purchase your heads, Moongels, Drum Dots, or any other gel drumhead dampeners at Larry’s Music for a special HMF rate.

To register online for this class, please visit: https://bit.ly/3ZpCHCu

The Hickory Music Factory (HMF) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization founded in 2012 by Tony Eltora and Rick Cline. Their vision was to provide students and the community with more meaningful opportunities to learn, create and experience music in addition to fostering an environment of creativity and originality. The Hickory Music Factory places a particular emphasis on youth, and have programs designed to empower them through a variety of musical avenues. For more information on Hickory Music Factory, please visit website at www.hickorymusicfactory.com.