Hickory – The Volvo Club of America will hold its annual National Meet in Hickory, North Carolina, from September 9-11 this year. The Volvo Club is a nationwide organization dedicated to the enjoyment of Volvo automobiles, whether older classics, modified competition cars, or more current model “daily drivers”. The club website is vcoa.org.Volvo Club National Meet In Hickory

According to VCOA President John Holtzapple, from Lancaster Pennsylvania, “This year’s meet is a little different for us in that we are partnering with the Hickory Museum of Art (HMA) for the car show part of our annual gathering. We usually do this on our own, but HMA came to us with an intriguing proposal to collaborate with them on their annual Autolawn Party, and it looked like a win-win. I am excited about working with HMA, and looking forward to visiting a number of Catawba County attractions as part of our meet agenda.”

The National Meet is drawing Volvo car enthusiasts from all over the country who will spend the entire weekend touring, dining, and meeting in the Hickory area. The pinnacle event, though, is the joint Volvo Club and AutoLawn car show on Saturday, September 10, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at LP Frans stadium in Hickory. Over 120 cars from all European brands are expected to be on display at the joint VCOA/HMA event, with food and entertainment as well. Euro car owners may register in advance at theautolawn.com, and there will be space for on-site registrations for Volvo cars prior to 10 a.m. on show day. Spectators are welcome with free parking and free admission.