Hickory – It is accepted wisdom that exercise is good for you physically – but did you know that it is beneficial when you are grieving? Exerting yourself not only diminishes stress and aids sleep, but it also helps with your journey through grief. Physical Walking Group At Valley Hills Mallactivity releases chemicals in the brain that make you feel more relaxed and happier. Carolina Caring is hosting a session that lets us walk together and share with one another as we strengthen our bodies and heal our spirits.

If you have lost a loved one, come join us on Thursdays beginning January 6 from 1:15-2pm at Valley Hills Mall located at 1960 Highway 70 SE in Hickory, NC. Please meet at the Food Court entrance, upper level. Registration is required. Please visit CarolinaCaring.org/support, contact [email protected] or call 828.466.0466, ext. 3201.

For more information about Carolina Caring, please call 828.466.0466 or visit www.CarolinaCaring.org