Charlotte Hornets point guard Kemba Walker has quietly become a superstar in the NBA. He has patiently waited for the Hornets to put a quality roster around him since he was the 9th overall pick in the 2011 draft and became the leader of the franchise. It has not happened.

Walker is now a free agent and was an all star starter last season which qualifies him for a super max contract. That means Charlotte can pay him $221 million for five years. Other franchises can only offer $140 million for four years.

Will Kemba take less money to leave the Hornets? Or take all the money he can from the Hornets?

As a Kemba fan, I hope he bolts. And here’s why.

Kemba Walker

Charlotte is in a bad place with or without Walker. They have a bunch of bad contracts, no other star, and no cap space to add another player. If Walker re-signs a five-year max deal, the team will be locked into mediocrity for years to come. Why do I say this? Because Kemba had an amazing season and the Hornets still missed the playoffs. Walker has been in the league seven years. One would have to think he is hungry to start seeing playoff action.

The latest rumors making the rounds is that Charlotte will not offer Walker the max. If so, this may make the decision easier. The Hornets may be thinking about starting over and tanking a few seasons in an effort to get another superstar.

Rumor also has it that Boston and Dallas have emerged as the favorites to land Walker. I would like to see him choose the Celtics. They are a quality team that needs a point guard and a shooter. Kemba does both.

Free agent season starts Sunday night. You know what Sid will be writing about next week.

Sid’s Free Agent Predictions

NBA Free Agency has become a season of its own in recent times. It pretty much became this way back when LeBron first left Cleveland to play for the Miami Heat.

There are a host of free agents this season. Here is where I predict the big names will end up.

Kevin Durant will leave Golden State for the New York Knicks

Kawhi Leonard will leave Toronto for the Los Angeles Clippers

Kemba Walker will leave Charlotte for the Boston Celtics

Jimmy Butler will leave Philly for the Houston Rockets

Kyrie Irving will leave Boston for the Brooklyn Nets

Klay Thompson will stay with the Golden State Warriors.

Al Horford will leave Boston for the Dallas Mavericks

Tobias Harris will stay with the Philadelphia 76ers

JJ Redick will leave Philly for the Los Angeles Lakers