News came out this week that former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has lost his endorsement deal with Nike.

The move from his biggest sponsor is the latest in an ongoing collapse of professional support for the hard-partying Manziel. The Browns announced they would be releasing Manziel from his contract in March and he was dropped by his agent, Drew Rosenhaus, this week after the 23-year old refused to enter another treatment program.

The termination of the Nike endorsement follows other losses, including those from Nissan, McDonald’s and MusclePharm.

I am not sure what Rosenhaus thought would be gained from Johnny Football trying another program. Since he left his first treatment facility late last spring, Manziel has admitted to drinking, been accused of destroying a rental house in Los Angeles and is currently under investigation by a grand jury over an alleged assault against an ex-girlfriend.

A Typical Day For Johnny Football?

After hearing about the escapades of Johnny Manziel in Los Angeles, I had to dig deeper.


Manziel’s party tour is causing quite a stir in Los Angeles wherever he goes. The latest victim is Nicholas Goodwin who reports that

Manziel rented a property from him in West Hollywood for a few days. Manziel and Co. allegedly damaged the property to the tune of $19,580 over a two-day rental period.

Johnny Manziel continues his painful to watch flame out

Correspondence that has been released to the public stated that Manziel used an alias on April 4 to rent the house for $2,400 per night for two days via Goodwin’s rental company, LA Exotic Life. Goodwin stated that the alias was necessary to secure the rental because “nobody would be willing to rent to Johnny Manziel given his reputation.”

The rental agreement called for three people to stay at the home. Three people turned into a whole lot more, as two consecutive all-nighters took place. Surveillance footage captured an estimated 40 to 70 people partying with Manziel.

On the last night of Manziel’s binge, comedian Kathy Griffin, a neighbor to the rental home, called Los Angeles police to complain about the noise coming from Manziel’s party. When Goodwin arrived at the house on April 6 to ensure his noon guest checkout rule was abided by, he found Manziel “incapacitated” on a couch at 2 p.m.

There are photos out there that show alcohol bottles throughout the residence, mushroom remnants were left on a table, and entire lines of what appears to be cocaine can be seen on one glass table.

Goodwin claims that, at the time, Manziel didn’t take the damages very seriously and thought he could just brush it off. The amount that he’s now liable for, however, isn’t an amount that one can take lightly. Goodwin’s demand letter asks for $31,580 in damages to be paid within 10 days, or else he’ll sue for that amount plus $1,500 in lost revenue for every night that it takes to repair his property.

Here’s a breakdown of Manziel’s party damages by Goodwin. Burn marks from cigarettes and marijuana on living room carpet: $8,000…Wine stains in master bedroom carpet: $8,500…Broken glass table: $2,400…Broken bathroom door: $650…Broken glasses: $30

Marbury at his museum in China

These parties follow a string of erratic behavior from Manziel since he arrived in Los Angeles this month. Last week Manziel was reportedly the passenger in a car wreck. The Mercedes-Benz was totaled with Manziel and the driver fleeing the scene on foot prior to being picked up by Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon, who’s still indefinitely suspended by the NFL for repeated failed drug tests involving marijuana and alcohol.

And Johnny Football still talks about catching on with a NFL team this summer. Really?

Where Are They Now?

stephon-marburyDid you know that former NBA star Stephon Marbuy is something of a sensation in China. Since not being picked up by a NBA team back in 2009, Marbury has led the Beijing Ducks to three Chinese Basketball Association championships. And now there is a Stephon Marbury statue and a Stephon Marbury musical and a Stephon Marbury postage stamp. There is even a Stephon Marbury museum.

Suffice it to say, the people of China like Marbury so much that they decided to give him the equivalent of a green card, bestowing permanent-resident status.

That is a big deal in China. I read that only about 5,000 foreigners out of the 600,000 or so living in China have been given a green card. None of them were professional basketball players.