The NFL Draft begins tonight (Thursday) and it is expected that the Carolina Panthers, with the first pick, will select Bryce Young. The Alabama quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner is the right choice for a franchise that needs both a leader and a quarterback.

Why Young Is The Best Choice

Bryce Young

Young has more to offer than C.J. Stroud, the other quarterback most feel is the second-rated signal-caller in the draft. After Young is taken, the question switches to whether or not Carolina made the right choice in opting for Young over Stroud.

My thoughts on why Young is the way to go is his combination of skills and intelligence. While at Alabama, he became known as an exceptional processor of opposing coverages who gets rid of the ball quickly from the pocket. He also is a very accurate passer. Alabama receivers, and coaches, speak of how he puts the ball in the perfect position for his receivers to produce yards after the catch. That is what the NFL is all about these days.

I feel Young’s intellect and accuracy make him a good bet to experience early success in Carolina. I also feel his success will come early as the Panthers offensive line that will protect him is a team strength.

The case against Young centers around his size, or lack of size. He is 5-10 and will carry a 205 pound frame into the draft. Questions of being able to see receivers over defensive fronts and of being durable to take hits from opposing defenses will be ongoing for years.

It is also being said that Young doesn’t have the sort of elite arm strength that’s typically present with No. 1 overall picks. It is my belief that Carolina will develop an offense based on short throws over the middle.

The Panthers have been less than mediocre at the quarterback position since Cam Newton lost his star power. They traded up to give themselves the ability to choose who will lead them into the future.

Young is the way to go.