Upon learning last week that Major League Baseball’s Robinson Cano tested positive again for using a banned substance, my first thought was ‘what was he thinking?’


Robinson Cano

Cano likely already ruined his Hall of Fame chances two years ago when he was first suspended for using a banned substance. So what did he go out and do? Continue to cheat apparently.

Cano’s decision will cost him a 162-game ban and it turns his career into a joke.

My second thought was that his decision is a shame, because Cano has some of the best statistics in major league history for a player at his position. Only eight second basemen have compiled more hits than Cano, who has 2,624. All have places in the Hall of Fame. It is fair to say that he will not be joining them.

Cano will now be known as a cheater who was a good hitter. And it is likely that his playing days are over. So Cano, who turned 38 in October, will soon disappear into baseball’s memories.

I guess the answer of why use the second time is that Cano was coming off his worst season in 2019. He improved in 2020, but we have to be left to believe that is because of his using the banned substance. Cano’s positive test basically invalidates his 2020 stats with the New York Mets. He finished with a .316 batting average with an .896 on-base plus slugging percentage, his best numbers since 2013, when he was with the New York Yankees.

I wonder what Cano will miss most. His bust in the Hall of Fame or the $24 million dollars in lost salary?