Hickory – Women’s Resource Center (WRC) announced today that they have launched a new program for women, Womenade (like lemonade). The program provides financial assistance through one-time grants of up to $500. Womenade works to help women who are otherwise self-sufficient and are experiencing a temporary setback or financial hardship.

Womenade is not a long-term solution. We fulfill short-term needs that may make a difference in the quality of someone’s life, in the interest of building a stronger community. Nearly 52% of NC households lack any form of financial safety net to weather an emergency. Imagine what the women leading these households could do with $500? $500 to pay for childcare as they start a new job, to repair their car for reliable transportation, or for a Chromebook to further their education. The purpose of this program is to help women who are otherwise self-sufficient and are experiencing temporary or unexpected financial hardships overcome this obstacle and move forward in their lives. “When households live paycheck to paycheck, one unexpected expense can cause a tailspin. Programs such as Womeade provide a supportive step toward long-term financial stability, and work to improve our neighbors’ quality of life,” says WRC’s Director of Programs, Kelley Hayward.

Women seeking assistance through the Womenade Program will be required to fill out an application, and provide proof of their need, as well as references. Aid is not intended to be a long-term solution, but to fulfill a short-term need that will provide increased opportunity for future stability and/or make a real difference in someone’s life. Women’s Resource Center is seeing the need for this type of assistance growing rapidly in our community, especially in the wake of the current economic crisis. Executive Director, Michelle Morgan says, “At WRC we believe no woman should have to choose between paying for her child’s insulin, for example, or fixing the car so she can get to work. By providing a woman with assistance during this ‘bump in the road’, we can possibly halt the chain reaction that can occur when just one bad thing happens in life. Perhaps, even preventing her from relying on government assistance.

Funds for this program will be made available every other month. The first application cycle begins on September 1, and closes on September 15. The seed money to establish Womenade was made possible through a generous grant from the Corning Incorporated Foundation.

For more information, call 828.322.6333 or visit their website www.wrchickory.org.