Hickory – What is Womenade? Womenade provides financial assistance through one-time grants of up to $500. Womenade works to help individuals who are otherwise self-sufficient and are experiencing a temporary set-back or financial hardship. Womenade is not a long-term solution. We fulfill short-term needs that may make a difference in the quality of someone’s life, in the interest of building stronger community. One recipient will be chosen per application period by a selection committee.

Applicants must reside in our service area of Catawba, Burke, Caldwell, or Alexander counties.

Are there income requirements?
No. There are no specific requirements to apply. However, we do ask basic financial information as part of the application. This allows the selection committee to see the true impact the request would have on the applicant’s financial situation.

What can I apply for?
Examples of needs that will be considered are as follow:

Car repairs. Must provide an estimate explanation of how the remainder of the expense will be covered, if applicable. WRC may ask for an additional estimate if needed.

Mental Health Counseling Copays for a temporary period. Application must include verification from provider that applicant is under their care.

Balances on child care fees. Must include explanation of how payments will be covered after funds are exhausted. Provider cannot be a friend/family member/etc.

Equipment needs (i.e.: laptop) to further education. Will not cover direct tuition or text book costs.

Equipment needs to maintain supplemental income (ex: sewing machine to supplement income as a seamstress)

Other needs, as determined by the selection committee

Needs not covered:
Rent or utilities

Housing/rental deposits.

Past due credit and/or medical bills

Car insurance

Applications will not be reviewed until the application period closes. The selection committee will then choose the recipient(s) for that period, and payment will be dispersed as soon as possible, after review.

For more information or to apply, visit: https://wrchickory.org/programs/financial-assistance-for-women.