chainsaw_headerChainsaw’s Psychological Ponderings: Just a thought. When vacuuming and the cord constantly finds its way beneath the vacuums spinning bristles. Until it chews itself through and blows a fuse. Is this an indicator that you’re doing it improperly? Or that the vacuum is attempting suicide because it’s life sucks? Just something to ponder. Now on with the show…

The term and concept of a “3-day-weekend” may be unfamiliar to some, unexperienced by others and bafflingly lost on a few. It is mostly reserved for those who work for factories, companies or businesses that adhere to the standard 40-hour work week. This being Monday through Friday, 7 to 3, 8 to 4, 9 to 5 etc., 52 weeks a year- holiday weeks off pending. Allotting the appointed “weekend” of Saturday and Sunday as a time for rest, relaxation and worship.   

What a “3-day weekend” implies is an additional day, usually a Monday, being added to the expected standard weekend. However, to qualify as an official 3-dayer it must be a paid day off.

Which is why most companies choose paid-legal holidays to bestow an additional day of unworked pay upon their peons.     

Usually, a business will allow for two 3-days paid per year. The first of these is oft towards the end of May for Memorial Day, which most don’t remember what were memorializing. The second being in the first week of September for Labor Day, which seems ironic that we don’t labor on it. Or that it’s not commemorated by child birthing in some way. (Pointless historical note- this writer was born on a Labor Day). Of course, there are other potential 3-dayed but they’re either stretched out beyond the allotted 3-day constraint, unpaid or illegal holidays.

So, what does one do with a 3-day weekend? Why, throw a barbecue, of course. Which seems to be the go-to here in the south. Others may plan a mini vacation. But honestly the preparation, packing and travel time usually devour those extra hours of that extra day. Personally, and for many others, it’s a suitable time for a nice staycation (this being a vacation enjoyed at home), to catch up on landscaping or to leisurely enjoy a retirement test drive.

3 Day WeekendWhat employers may not realize is that bestowing this extra paid weekend day is actually of two-fold benefit to their laborers. Not only do their employees get an extended weekend, but they also get a shorter 4-day workweek to follow it up. Which can get some folks to thinking…

The now standard “40-hour work week” was established following the end of the Industrial Revolution circa 1940. This system was set into place to protect workers from exploitation and ensure a better work-life balance. Because at that time, workers were expected to toil for over 80 hours per week. Egad, can you fathom working 80+ hours?

Now-a-days this 40hr standard has been ingrained into the majority of the working-class mentality. Who, in some cases, literally freak out if they can’t get their 40 in five days. Fearing that they cannot survive or make the jump to the next paystub on less.

But, after 80+ years do we really still need 40 in five? Wouldn’t it continue to better that whole work-life balance thingie if we worked less? “No, I gotta work five and get my 40!”

Why? Why 40 hours? Why five days? Because that’s what you’ve been told? Been led to believe by a government most claim not to believe in anymore?

WTF people? The basic math on this is so f***ed up from the get-go. You’re working five to earn two so you can get 40? Why not 40 in four to get three? Too many hours in the workday? Okay, what about four nine-hour days? “But that’s only 36, what about my 40?” F*** your 40! Get over the 40 thing! If the company compensates and you reconfigure your budget, then you’ll be just fine.

But that’s only four days… what will I do with the extra day? Whatever you want! That’s the whole point. To have extra time to do whatever it is you like to or have to do when you’re not working. Okay, moving on and wrapping up because the math is starting to give me an ache of the head and the Focus don’t pay overtime.

I welcome almost questions, comments via Focus, or E-mail me at [email protected]. Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused! See ya.