“A dyslexic man walks into a bra.” Heard this little gem from a British waiter at a Japanese restaurant during an adventurette to our scenic mountains. He said he loved one liners…and delivered.

What fun life is when you take the time to make adventures. My dogs have one every time they cross over the boundary of our little patch of planet earth to explore who, or what, visited during the night. Peanut butter usually brings them trotting back before their impromptu escapade turns into a full-scale search and rescue.

Speaking of full-scale, adventures don’t have to be massive demonstration of time-intensive creativity to be jaw-dropping incredible. Sure, we’d all love a trip to Paris so we can add clever photos to our album of how we held up the Eiffel Tower with one finger. Seriously, who wouldn’t. Or, we could sky dive from a plane and land on a teeny X in a huge field of tulips in the Netherlands.

Maybe you’ve longed to see the pink lake in Australia, or the Glow Worm cave of New Zealand. Either one sounds like a remarkable adventure. Although, I’m more of an explorer so anywhere ancient history as inhabitants of this amazing sphere spikes the needle on the Richter scale is for me.

Aside from walking the steps of an ancient civilization like Mayans while visiting the ruins, there are caves full of crystal stones to explore in Mexico. Unless, you’d like more of a challenge. Then I’d suggest the Tianzi Mountains in China, which closely resemble the terrain in the movie Avatar. Great movie, by the way. I won’t spoil it for you, but us humans got their egos whipped. (Oops!)

For the hopeless romantic among us, book a breath-taking adventure to the “Tunnel of Love” in the Ukraine. So named, because huge trees have shrouded an old train track making a tunnel completely from their foliage. Plus, there is the Wisteria tunnel in Japan. Dickens, and we thought wisteria was only violet. Who knew it blooms pink and white also.

But adventures don’t have to be huge to be awesome. Every day can be a mini adventurette. A trip to the park with the kids. A trip to the park without the kids to remind ourselves to let our inner child play more often. Stopping for ice cream on the way home and talking to strangers to remind us we all share a common bond. We are human.

Taking a drive with no destination in mind. Simple set your internal GPS to “sense of adventure.” Make it a day trip and remember to pack snacks. And while you’re out, try a new cuisine in a different town. Or, if you’re bold and like to take risks, ask the kids what they’d like to do…you might be surprised. If scouting new avenues in the neighborhood doesn’t trip your trigger, make a short drive to a hiking trail. We’re surrounded by them. While you’re there, take your shoes off and wade in a creek. Then try to catch a toad. Don’t’ worry, you’d have more chances of getting warts from the locker room at your local gym since warts are caused by a virus and coming into contact with someone who has warts…well, never mind…I can tell you’re still thinking about the toad.

Anyway friends…life is supposed to be fun! The possibilities are endless to have mini adventurettes nearly every day. If you look for them, they will come. Live life! Love life! It’s a series of adventures!

Can you imagine…planning your next adventurette!

Smile, it goes where you go!

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