Our lives are a never-ending story because it’s the only story in which we have exclusivity. The plots are ours to direct with twists and turns or…sail as smooth as the wind. Action and adventure elements in a variety of portions are totally within our discretion. Having the sole responsibility of our legacy, it also behooves us to hold ourselves accountable as to the rating. Which, some of you need to give a tad more thought to…just saying.

Still, for all intents and purposes life is an endless stream of feel-good, excitingly endless possibilities! Writing our own story is truly the best part of living. So, as the reindeer glitter settles and we busy ourselves with glitzing up for the shazam shebang of New Year’s Eve, let’s all take a moment to reflect on the past twelve months.

Mind you…taking an inventory, if you will, of your previous efforts, attempts and failures is NOT living in the past. It’s merely a reflection of what was to determine what, if any, adjustments need to be made to the script of your amazing never-ending story. Should you require artistic licensing, editorial branding, creative incentives, or an all-out lifestyle debunking campaign is totally and irrevocably up to you! Great, now let’s review!

Did you finish all the projects you started last year? Did you actually start projects last year? Did you consider possible projects you could start should you be so inclined? Did you think about projects at all? Did you use the word ‘project’ in a sentence at any time during the course of last year? Awesome! Give yourself a point. (Not that we’re grading or anything, but that was close.)

Now for one of my personal favorites. Did you say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ as often as you possible could to anyone and everyone you met in any given situation, on any given day, during any specific social exchange where words were actually uttered? Did you use either phrase at any point during personal interactions with others in the past twelve months? Did you consider offering a humble ‘thank you’ when someone granted a request? Did you simply nod? Okay, put a check in the social manners column.
But let’s not dwell. Now, did you clean out the garage…your closet…the fridge? Did you floss after brushing before you did the rinse and repeat thing?  Seriously though, did you smile more often and criticize less? Did you forgive without pause and put things to rest? How humble were you when things were going so well? Did you give others credit and take none for yourself? Did you love those who are hard to love? Or were you too busy keeping score? Did you stop being right all the time? Realizing that doesn’t add greatness to your life.

Did you keep it or pay it forward? Was your battle cry ‘it’s not my job’ or did you roll up your sleeves and get ‘er done? Did you take more than you should even though you didn’t need any? Were you kind to everyone, even strangers? Did you spend quality time with those you love putting their needs before your own? Did you smile more often? Laugh out loud at every opportunity? And dance like no one was watching?

Did you remember to not take life so seriously? Did you forget and actually sweat the small stuff? Did you find your passion and enjoy each moment? Were you grateful to be alive every day, just because? Did you take time to relax and recharge? Did you remember how important you are?

Friends, whatever you didn’t accomplish last year, don’t let it keep you on the sidelines of your life this year. You can do, be and have whatever you put your mind to. You are the creator of your very own never-ending story. And your story is truly never-ending because your legacy will always live on. Therefore, write the story you’d be proud for others to tell long after you’re gone. Realize your dreams, live kinder and gentler in an attitude of gratitude, love and laugh often and then love and laugh more. Be happy, be safe, be loved my friends and have a rip-roaring Happy New Year!!!!

Smile, you’re making 2018 great!

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