Another lost season. The 2023 season for the Carolina Panthers is not what owner David Tepper had in mind. The schedule is half completed and the Panthers have just one win.

There are so many rumors circulating around this franchise. Rumors that Tepper demanded that the team draft quarterback Bryce Young over C.J. Stroud. Rumors that first year coach Frank Reich preferred Stroud who is now a MVP candidate for the Houston Texans, the same Texans team that lost more games than Carolina did last season.

Yes, the Texans rebuilding job is already complete while the Panthers are at rock bottom again. This has led to another rumor. The one about Reich’s job is already in jeopardy.

Carolina (1-9) is now guaranteed its sixth straight losing season, the most ever in the history of the franchise. And all six of those seasons have come under the ownership of Tepper, who said early on that Carolina would be a contender quickly.

Fans may want to ask Tepper to define the word ‘quickly.’

Back To The Drawing Board

David Tepper

Trust me. It will not be quick. Trading away draft capital including first future first round picks to obtain last year’s first pick in the draft, Young, better work or it will set your franchise back years.

The Panthers aren’t quite ready to part ways with Young, but there’s definitely the sense that this season hasn’t proceeded the way anyone expected.

Watch Young. Then watch Stroud. Skills and production are not even close. At least, as of now they are not. With the offensive talent on this team, it just looks extremely difficult for Young.

The fact that Stroud is setting all kinds of rookie records has to frustrate Panthers followers, and Tepper. Add that to the pain of a vanished first-round draft pick in 2024 that now belongs to the Bears via the trade Carolina made to get Young, and one can understand how the Panthers will continue to rebuild for years to come.

Perhaps sensing his job is in danger, Reich took over play-calling duties from offensive coordinator Thomas Brown last week, instituting a no-huddle shotgun offense designed to keep Young from getting hit too fast and too often. Carolina responded by putting up only 187 yards of total offense and one touchdown against five punts, a fumble and an interception. And Young still took those six sacks.

Here are some more numbers. The Panthers came into Week 11 ranked 29th in scoring at just 17 points a game. They’ve topped 20 points just three times this season, and haven’t reached 28 points in 2023.