Now in Theaters:

 Thanksgiving (** ½) Director Eli Roth, after a decade absent from the genre that put him on the map, returns with a full length feature he originally conceived as a simple mock horror trailer in the 2007 film, Grindhouse. The expanded story revolves around a Black Friday sale that turns tragic and a killer looking to make those responsible pay in the most gruesome ways. The methods of dispatch, of course, will be all too familiar for anyone who has seen one of Roth’s previous horror entries. You pays your money and you takes your chances, as they say. Still, there are some choice moments of gallows humor in the midst of the proceedings before the whole endeavor completely runs out of gas during the final act. Those with weak stomachs, needless to say, should avoid it at all costs.

Eli Roth, Thanksgiving

Eli Roth, Thanksgiving


New to Streaming:

 Albert Brooks: Defending My Life (*** ½) is a terrific new career retrospective of the comedian and filmmakers work, framed around a conversation between Brooks and fellow filmmaker and longtime friend, Rob Reiner. Even non fans will find something to admire in this tremendously entertaining documentary.


New to Disc:


Stalag 17 (1953) Billy Wilder’s WWII drama about life in a German prison camp, featuring William Holden and Otto Preminger, makes its 4K disc debut this week. Extras include commentaries and featurettes.

The Four Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle (1987) The friendship between the artist and the student of the film’s title is captured in four vignettes in this delightful film from French filmmaker, Eric Rohmer. Extras include a new commentary.Also getting a new Blu Ray issue this week separately is the Southern Fried action entry starring Burt Reynolds, White Lightning (1973), and its sequel, Gator (1976). Extras include a new commentary on both.

Warner Brothers:

The Fugitive (1993) The Oscar winning big screen adaptation of the classic 60s TV series comes to 4K for the first time in a new 30th anniversary edition sporting an excellent new transfer and retaining the previously issued extras.

Shout Factory:

The Police Academy Collection (1984-1994) All seven of the Police Academy films finally make their way to Blu Ray in a new set that includes new extras and fresh transfers.


Mean Streets (1973) The film that launched the career of Martin Scorsese as a filmmaker comes to 4K for the first time ever in a new edition that contains such bonus material as a new video essay and interviews.


The hugely successful biopic from last summer, Oppenheimer (2023), and the perennial holiday favorite, Love Actually (2003), come to disc this week in new 4K editions.

Film Movement:

Return to Dust (2022) Li Ruijun’s controversial film about an arranged marriage between two working class people in a small village makes its debut in a new DVD with a bonus short film.

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