Basket Case is an American horror film from back in horror’s gory, glory days of 1982. It was written and directed by Frank Henenlotter in his feature directorial debut. The movie stars Kevin Van Hentenryck as Duane Bradley. A young man, who with the aid of his hideously deformed, conjoined twin brother Belial, seeks vengeance on the physicians and nurses who performed the unwanted surgery that separated them at birth. Duane keeps Belial hidden in a large wicker basket, thus the movie’s title.

This film has since become somewhat of a cult classic, spawned two sequels and has absolutely nothing to do with this week’s article. It’s just a bit of random film nostalgia inspired by coincidental titling. Now on with the show.

Many moons ago, during my early days on the factory floor, there was an intriguing, yet troubled, young woman. Every year at St. Valentines (and on occasional intervals in between) she would receive flowers. The typical romantic gesture of a dozen red roses, delivered to work and sent from “a secret admirer”. The other ladies would make a big fuss of inquiry and of course, eventually, she let the “secret” part slip to one person. Which in the factory setting is akin to announcing it on the P.A. As it turned out her “secret admirer” was herself.

Ego stoking? Desire for attention? Desire for deception? Her secret was out, but her motives remained a mystery. But it makes one ponder — do others do the same with other holidays? Does anyone ever make themselves… an Easter basket (points awarded for the most awkward and yet workable transition).

The traditional recipe for an Easter basket is rather simple. There are jellybeans. Which, according to the movie Hop (2011 Easter film), are Easter bunny poops… I stopped eating them that year. Malted Robin Eggs. Which will disappear quickly if your parents beat you to the basket. Marshmallow Peeps. So cute, so sweet, everybody loves them, but nobody eats all of them. Later they to turn into rock hard lumps of yellow sugar in the fridge. And of course, one chocolate bunny. Which is either devoured in a massive sugar rush or destined to turn into a gnawed, tooth marked, brown clod on the shelf beside those aged peeps.Basket Case

Candies aside, there’s stuffies, anything from a bunny to a multicolored dancing and singing T-rex with bunny ears. There are novelty Easter toys that poop jelly beans and spin whilst playing a Back Street Boys tune. Which might last till you leave for Easter Sunday Services (because if you get that one in, you’re good, right?).

Thinking outside the basket, there’s new bikes and maybe a new Easter outfit. How ‘bout throwing in some Pokémon cards or an X-box gift card. Aw hell, just set up a whole game system. If the bunny’s already hauling and assembling bikes, why not. Let’s be honest, Easter has become like a second Christmas, so anything goes. Which means you could put whatever you want into your basket.

Would it be weird, as an adult, to make up your own Easter basket? Not so much so if you have kids — the Easter Bunny can deliver goodies to the whole fam. But what if you’ve aged out of EB’s delivery services? You’d kinda be left to your own decisions and devices. Ya know, you could probably learn a lot about yourself, depending on what went into that basket. Would you build yours from the ground up? You could probably make your own basket if you could find the right YouTube video. Or take the easy way out and buy a premade rig for $19.95 at the local drugstore? Would you artistically create a colorful display piece for all to see? Or would it be your own personal treat? Would you take the nostalgically traditional route? So you could relive your childhood? Or would it be more geared to your adult self — a six-pack of Michelob Ultra and a coupla packs of Winstons? Hey, no judgment allowed — this is your basket.

Yes, what goes into the basket does say a lot about you. But what says even more is could you wait? Could you wait till the next morning to receive it? Because the wait is the hardest part. Especially when you’re trying to surprise yourself.

Have a Happy Easter! I welcome almost all questions, comments via FOCUS, or E-mail me at [email protected]. Hope to hear from ya until then try and stay focused! See ya.