“We don’t need no education…We don’t need no thought control… No dark sarcasm in the classroom… Teachers leave them kids alone. Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone! All in all it’s just another brick in the wall. All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.” ~ Lyrics excerpted from- Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) from the rock opera “The Wall” by Pink Floyd (duh) circa 1979.

Before moving on to the actual matter of the subject, it would be remiss not to take a moment to mention the notable grammatical confusion in this verse’s lyrics (apologies in advance to any Floyd fans for the dark sarcasm). Wouldn’t the double-negative employed in “We don’t need no education.” Imply that they did need some education? Likewise a double-negative desire for some thought control? Yes, teachers leave them kids alone! Lest you point out Pink’s unintentional support of your trade. Now that that’s out of the way, moving on…

Over the years walls have gotten a pretty bum rap. People are always talking about tearing them down, singing songs about knocking them down. Demolishing walls is looked upon as a means of escape, as a way to break free. However, if you are in prison, trying to tear down a wall is probably the least effective means of escape. But we’re not talking about tearing down prison walls, or even real walls, because it’s all metaphorical.

Yes, according to most psychologists and Bible study groups we must rise up and above by tearing down any and all walls the world puts in our way. Oddly enough most of these particular types of walls, which are scheduled for desired demolition, we build ourselves. Constructed over time or rapidly erected to protect our psychological wellbeing or to define the mental parameters the world allows us to have as we see it.

Then, once the job is done, purpose served, we rejoice when we finally get to destroy them. HOORAY! You finally get to tear down that wall, which you meticulously constructed, from your own raw emotional material, to protect you from mental anguish… and you’re happy about it?

So how do you think the wall feels about that? You built it from your feelings so did you stop to consider it may have some of its own… or yours? Perhaps a simple “Thanks but sorry” before you swing that psyche sledgehammer is in order. Or maybe you could just walk around the wall? Ya know, hang a “Hang in There!” kitty poster on it, save it for later… just in case?

Fact is nobody wants to be encased in metaphorical brick. Nobody that is… unless you’re a BRICK… HOUSE Shake it down, shake it down now. And even they do not want to become just another brick in the wall, but aren’t we all by natural design anyway?

Now this isn’t saying anything about “conforming to society” or becoming a brick in the social wall. We’re talking about your place in the human wall… which if taken literally is quite disturbing. But what a magnificent wall it is, with such a diversified variety of shapes sizes and colors.

Some are chipped and worn, others fresh out of the kiln. Some have nails in them or graffiti sprayed on them. Some have to group together to support each other’s efforts. And of course some are squishy and covered in bird poo, always relying on mortar from neighbors.

Regardless, look at how amazing it is! Look at what they can build together. Of course the only other option is to be “just another brick”… on the ground. You can hold open a door but can’t open them. Be thrown through a window, once you’ve tried the door, but need to be thrown and will still get charged with destruction of property, or worse, if there’s a note attached.

The thing is, in this case, you can’t be just a brick. You are already and forevermore will be part of this wall by default. Sadly you cannot denounce humanity and the ignorance that oft climbs this wall… there’s nowhere else to go. But take refuge in the fact that you are not “just another brick in the wall,” you are A BRICK in THE WALL! How you choose to hold up your end is all that really matters.

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Hope to hear from ya until then try and stay focused! See ya.