JUST 4 FUN: The next time you take a photo, one that requires a bit of posing of your subject, mock-angrily shush others around who are not in the shot. You’d be surprised at how many people will give an apologetic hand over mouth gesture. Momentarily forgetting sound is not conveyed in a photo.

This has jack-diddly to do with this week’s article. It’s, as labeled — just for fun. We now return to the regularly scheduled article… already in progress at this time.

… thus resulting in injustice-based protesting demonstrations. In some cases peaceful protests escalated and erupted into hate-fueled rioting, looting and vandalism in the streets. These acts resulted in numerous casualties and upwards of a billion dollars in damages. And yet, no final restitution or satisfactory resolution achieved.

Momentarily quelled and succeeded by the onslaught of a world-wide pandemic, during which many were too busy pointing fingers and looking to lay blame, to note the rising death toll. We became prisoners in our own homes, barely able to breath, by mandate and panic in the restroom paperwork due to human nature. Millions of lives lost and millions more wanting to believe it never really happened.

All the while distractions of political insanity are provided on a Presidential level. Conspiracy theories run amok, as we the people find new and interesting ways to make ourselves look foolish in the world’s eyes. One currently calculated cycling conspiring concept has spread that the current administration would lead to communistic conversion. Oh, the irony….

As we balance on the verge of going to war with the mother country of communism, gas prices are soaring, threats of the nuclear variety rising, and what is our government’s solution? Why, let’s abolish Daylight Saving Time!

WTF? Seriously? With everything that’s going on let’s focus our efforts to never again fall back? How is that even on the agenda? Regardless of how it is, it only took a few days to pass through the Senate, then Congress and to the Oval Office. How can we put something so trivial, in light of recent events, into action so quickly?


Regardless of the “how” it now comes down to the potential of “when”. If the “Sunshine Protection Act” (yes, that is what it’s called — gawd help us all) goes through then next November (2023) we will no longer fall back, nor spring forward, ever again. Thereby abolishing Standard Time forever… and that seems really weird if you think about it.

Thus, we will henceforth be charged with the task of saving daylight. Already sleep scientists are fighting for the Standard — it provides for healthier patterns of sleep, they say. And the usual anti-governmental conspirators are certain this is just Big Brother’s way of controlling us and hindering our rights. By telling us what time it should be. So by that submission, we can just set our clocks to whatever time we want to now?

So Daylight Saving may become a permanent fixture in the near future. My personal preference is Standard Time, but once adjusted it’ll be nice to never have to gain or lose an hour ever again. No more setting the clocks forward or back. But there’s just one small problem.

You see, for most of the year my sweet Li’l Red’s (that’s the spouse) spirit animal is the baby sloth. On the days off we share, it is guaranteed she’ll rise late and desire a nap shortly after noon. However, once Daylight Saving kicks in… she is the embodiment of a chipmunk on crack.

Oh, lookie Sawbaby the sun is shining! There is a nice breeze blowing! What a beautiful day! Let us go out and…GET TO WORK! Muhahahaha!!! Up at the ass-crack of dawn! Tend to the livestock (aforementioned, we currently possess 1 livestock- a goat)! Weed the flower beds! Lay the block patio! Nap? What is this nap of which you speak? Rake, mow, shovel, paint, build, destroy! Break for lunch? You’ll eat when we’ve finished which will be… NEVER!!! Spend some quality time together? We already are!

Okay, maybe that’s a bit exaggerated as she’s not such a vicious taskmaster. And I could run away if necessary ­­— she’s got itty bitty legs. But the thought of it carrying on 365 Daylight-saved days a year gives me the willies.

I welcome almost all questions and comments via FOCUS, or email me at [email protected]. Hope to hear from ya until then try and stay focused. See ya.