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Keep in mind these are just metaphorical opinions, based on observations, which were observed metaphorically. Thus there is no need to find the openly offered, observed opinions on obvious, oblivious oppression offensive.

So there was this cataclysmic crisis, the country’s people were in peril. And so the political powers that be provided provision packets to be procured by every personage. These relief packages would be distributed by volunteers. Take note that the volunteers, as well as political powers, are just as human as you like to think you are.

The people were then asked to please gather together so that they could all receive their restitution in an orderly fashion, then informed and shown that all packets were created equally, contained the same amount of relief, and there were enough packets for everyone to have one, which is all anyone truly needed. Now all that was needed to begin distribution was for everyone to get in line, stay in line, and patiently await their turn. This is where the problems started.

INTERRUPTION: Note to the reader: if you think this tale is a metaphorical representation of the distribution of stimulus or unemployment benefits you’d be sorely mistaken. This goes much deeper. However, one would be remiss not to point out that if you claim oppression then also claim said funds provided, wouldn’t that be kind of hypocritical? Like protesting a restaurant but still eating their free bread… Mmmm free bread… now back to the metaphor.

Why do I have to get in line? Why are you forcing ME to get in line? I don’t have time to stand in line! You’re violating MY rights by making ME stand in this line!

Nobody’s forcing you, but you’ll have to stay in line to get your packet and it won’t take long if you just cooperate. What do you suggest? That we just let everyone come at once, take as much as they want, as quickly as they can? That wouldn’t be fair or in the best interest of everyone. Now please get back in line so we can begin the distribution.

I’m not letting this line go any further, I’m stopping this line because I don’t like standing in it! I refuse to participate in this and don’t care about the people waiting behind ME. And I’m bringing my guns… all of them, to the line! Are you going to tell ME I can’t? Are you questioning MY right to bear arms? Are you going to try and take MY guns away??? Well you can’t because I’ve got rights!!!

You’re holding up the line and slowing down the process as well as selfishly denying others their fair share and needed restitution. Participation is mandatory if we want to make sure everyone gets their packets and can get through the line. We all have to work together. Why do you need to bring guns? What does that have to do with anything? Yes, you have the right to bear them but there’s no need for them here and we don’t want them… please get in line.

You can’t tell ME what to do — I’ve got rights! I don’t have to stand in this line if I don’t want to. This is where it starts, people! They make ME stand in line! Then they take away MY guns! Then they take away all MY rights!!! We can’t let them do this to ME!

And what are you gonna do about it? All your bitching and whining about YOUR rights has accomplished is delaying the process and made it take longer for everyone else. Everyone’s upset, confused and out of line… now we’ll have to start all over.

Maybe before launching any type of protest or rebellion, complaining about our rights and citing the constitution, we should consider that it’s “We the people” not “Me the person.” Meanwhile in other countries they lined up, sucked it up, received their packets and got it over with.

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