Where will you be at the end? Not literally, but rather where will you be as a person, as an active part of the human condition? Will you be a contributing member of society or will you rely on the contributions of others to cover your membership fees? Will you come out a winner or discover you are and always have been a born loser? Have you become the person you always hoped and thought you would be or are you merely yet another disappointment to yourself? Will you have figured out who you are? Or have you not had enough time to assess the stranger in the mirror? Do you really know who you are and is there enough time left to find out before the end?

Will your physical location, the place your body resides, the space you occupy at that moment define who you are or were or hoped to be? Will it find you in a bar or a church, a retail department store or a department of corrections facility? Does the reason you’re wherever you are, at that particular place in time matter, or is your presence there simply enough to pass judgement? Judge not lest ye be judged yourself, but shouldn’t you be your own harshest critic?

The end of what? How can you know who, when and where if you aren’t aware of what? The universe, the world, reality, life as you know it, your life, the year, the month, the week, the day, the hour, the moment, the minute, the second? Is it more important that whatever it is ends or what you do before whatever it was does? At the end of the day, at the end of your life, or at the end of it all is it more important that you lived it or who you’ve shared it with? Whose hand will you hold at the end of the world?

And in all this, from beginning till inevitable end and all the in-between, you search for meaning. Meaning to this big mystery called life. Are you doing what you’re supposed to be doing when and where you’re supposed to be doing it in the grand scheme of things? Are you living up to your full potential? If the meaning of life is based on a destined way you should live, wouldn’t that mean it’s different per individual? Thus making it impossible to logically and universally define for everyone.

The answer to the big question eludes us all. There is no way of solving a riddle when you don’t even know what the riddle actually is. Yet without meaning doesn’t that make everything pointless and the end far less dramatic? In absence of meaning you must seek out reason. Even if you don’t know why you’re living it, you must have a reason to live. Life without reason is unreasonable. There has to be something to get you up and moving, whether it’s your first day or last year. Something that inspires you, something that moves your soul, something that makes you want to live this life, even if you don’t know why you’re living it. Yet, quite often, things happen for no reason. So it’s reasonable if you can’t find a reason to live.

In absence of reason and devoid of meaning, life seems rather pointless. If it all means nothing in the end and there’s no reason not to end it, then what was the point in the first place? What was the purpose of living an unreasonably meaningless existence? That is what you truly have to figure out. The meaning of life is to live it. The reason you live it is because it’s the only life you get. What you must find is purpose, which is why you actually want to live the only life you’ve got.

At times, whether it be an ending, beginning or stuck in the middle, you need to find your purpose to make it all worthwhile. Sometimes for some it’s blatantly obvious and they go through the day with nary a worry nor care. For others, finding one’s purpose, one’s passion, is a challenge unto itself. Trial and error; can you slip on purpose like a pair of shoes and slip them right back off if it’s a bad fit? Hardly. To find one’s purpose is to engross and bury oneself within it. It must consume you fully and touch the deepest depths of your soul. Getting out can be easy, but sacrificing the time lost getting in can break your spirit.

So how do you find purpose? I’m sorry, but it’s not mine to tell you. It’s something each and every one of us has to discover on our own about our own. The good news is you’ll know it when you find it and figure out that reading all this had none.

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Hope to hear from ya, until then try and stay focused. See ya!