Hickory – Join us for a virtual workshop and learn how to prune your blueberry bushes on March 15, from 10:00 am – 11:00 am.Free Blueberry Pruning Watch Party

We will be sharing a short video demonstration on pruning blueberry bushes led by Research Specialist Bill Cline. Since 1995 Bill has served as the Blueberry Extension Horticulturist for North Carolina State University, supporting Cooperative Extension agents statewide. Cline also maintains the N.C. Blueberry Journal, a blog where he posts information about the latest disease concerns, cultivars, propagation and guidelines for timely blueberry maintenance, such as pruning and fertilizing.

Following the video demonstration, our expert panel will take audience questions and you will have a chance to ask any and all blueberry questions. We will be joined by Bill Cline, Researcher and Extension Specialist, Dr. Sanjun Gu, Horticulture Specialist, and Willard Humphries, CEFS’ Small Farm Unit Manager.

Register here to receive the Zoom link. https://cefs.ncsu.edu/event/blueberry-pruning-watch-party-and-panel-discussion/