Less than a week after the NCAA sent an obviously short-sighted memo to NBA agents describing new rules for agents to represent student-athletes wishing to test the NBA Draft waters, the NCAA smartly caved on a controversial part of the memo.

The NCAA sought to enact a rule that made it illegal to represent said basketball players without a college bachelor’s degree.

Upon hearing what the NCAA proposed, my first thought was just who does the NCAA think it is. What gives them the right to dictate who a student-athlete chooses to employ as an agent? My second thought was how would LeBron react. After all, LeBron’s long time agent and childhood friend, Rich Paul, does not have a bachelor’s degree.

Shortly after the NCAA announced the bachelor’s degree rule, dubbed the “Rich Paul rule” by those in the industry because Paul was one of the only big agents it impacted, LeBron and other athletes, ripped the decision on social media and came to Paul’s side. Media members likewise ripped the rule, pointing out how shortsighted it was in so many ways.

Common sense prevailed and Paul will be allowed to represent prospects wishing to test their draft status.

Another example of the power of LeBron. Actually, caving likely saved the NCAA a ton of money as I feel it would have been taken to court.

Mets Are Surging

Last week I wrote about how the 2018 World Series Champions Boston Red Sox were playing their way out of playoff contention.

This week, I want to spend some time on the 2019 New York Mets are playing their way into playoff contention. They are doing it with the bat of rookie power hitter Pete Alonso and with starting pitching. Ever since the trade deadline passed a few weeks back, the Mets started to win. As I write this, they have won 16 of their last 18 games and currently own a wild card playoff spot.

I have to think this is a team that could be a dangerous out in the playoffs. They have two stoppers in their starting pitching staff in Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom. And Alonso, who currently has 38 home runs as a rookie, can carry the offense by himself.

Tebow’s Season Is Over

It is time for one of my Tim Tebow updates.

If the before-mentioned New York Mets happen to make the playoffs this fall, Tebow will not be a part of the action. The Mets AAA prospect will miss the remainder of the year due to an injury to his left pinky. The cut required eight stitches and will need significant time to heal.

The former Heisman Trophy winner struggled at the Triple A level. Tebow batted just .163 and hit four homers for Syracuse. He strikes out close to once every three times he steps to the plate.

It was widely reported last spring that the Mets were hopeful of promoting Tebow to the big league level in September when rosters expand. The Mets were clearly looking for publicity and ticket sales. With the injury, they will not have to make a decision to bring Tebow up to the majors, a locale his game clearly doesn’t belong.

Tebow, 32, is planning on giving it another try next year. As always, I will keep you updated on his progress.