Has Tim Tebow fatigue set in throughout the nation? Nationally, the story of Tebow being signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars to play tight end has been greeted with negativity.

Public sentiment and media outlets (print and electronic) are questioning the move, while asking how the Jags could possibly benefit from Tebow being on the field. Questions on how someone can even make a professional team when they have not played the game in eight years, have never played the position, and will be 34 years old when the upcoming NFL season begins.

The signing was obviously the doing of first year head coach Urban Meyer. Perhaps Meyer felt the need to repay a favor to Tebow after his former University of Florida quarterback was cut by the New York Mets. After all, Tebow led the Gators to a pair of National Titles.

Jacksonville JaguarsMy regular readers will remember how I have attempted to keep readers up to date with Tebow’s attempts to play any professional sport. His foray into baseball did not go well, as he was a low .200 hitter with little power. The Mets have new ownership and released Tebow this past winter.

Many thought the Mets used Tebow as a promotional tool to make their minor league teams some gate revenue. It was also commonly reported that many within the Mets organization questioned why the franchise would waste a roster spot for someone who had no chance to make the major leagues.

Reports are already circulating that this move has Jacksonville staff members wondering what Meyer is thinking. ESPN’s Jeff Darlington reported that there is a “serious disagreement” within the Jaguars front office about signing the former Broncos QB-turned-Mets minor-league baseball player. He reported that there are coaches on that staff that don’t want to see it happen. This cannot be good for any first year coach, a coach who has never coached in the NFL.

Meyer may be alienating members of his staff just months into his tenure.

Tebow’s return to the NFL could also be problematic in the Jaguars locker room. There are three rookie tight ends on the Jacksonville roster. How would they feel when a guy 10 years older than they, who has never played the position they’ve played their whole lives, comes in and tries to take their roster spots?

Stuff like that can divide a locker room. Again, not what a new coach needs who is also breaking a new quarterback in Trevor Lawrence, the first pick in the recently concluded NFL draft.