Film Reviews by Adam Long

New to Disc:

Shout/Scream Factory:

Alligator (1980) A 36-foot alligator emerges from the sewers and leaves havoc in its wake in this cult horror film finally getting the love it deserves in this terrific new 4K edition. Includes the rare TV cut of the film on a bonus disc along with a bounty of sublime extras.

Alligator II: The Mutation (1991) Joseph Bologna and Dee Wallace star in the in name only sequel to the above film also getting a Blu Ray issue for the first time along with some bonus material. Included are new interviews.

Blood of the Vampire (1958) This Hammer horror tale of a doctor’s encounter with a vampire from the pen of Jimmy Sangster also makes its Blu Ray debut.


Deadly Games (1982) Steve Railsback (Helter Skelter) is a troubled Vietnam vet on the prowl for victims in his forgotten horror film. Extras include booklet, commentary, original screenplay and stills from the film.

Lies and Deceit: Five Films by Claude Chabrol (1985-94) is a terrific new set featuring a selection of films from the critically revered French director making their Blu Ray debut along with a bountiful selection of new extras. Films included are Cop Au Vin, Inspector Lavardin, Madame Bovary, Betty and Torment.

Warner Brothers:

The Green Mile (1999) Director Frank Darabont’s Oscar nominated Stephen King adaptation gets a ultra hi def facelift with this new edition that also retains previously issued bonus materials.


Anna Paquin and Zachary Levi in American Underdog


Escape From LA (1998) Director John Carpenter and star Kurt Russell reteamed for this years later sequel to Escape From NY, now getting a 4K upgrade. No Extras.


Man on the Moon (1999) Milos Forman’s take on the life and times of the cult comic, Andy Kaufman, anchored by an uncanny performance from star Jim Carrey, gets the Blu Ray treatment in this edition. New extras include a commentary and featurettes and music videos.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011) Gary Oldman stars in this acclaimed take on John Le Carre’s classic novel of the same name, getting its first 4K issue in this new edition. Extras include featurettes and interviews.

Village of the Giants (1965) Teenagers get injected with a growth serum in this sci fi comedy from Bert I Gordon and starring Ron Howard, Beau Bridges and Johnny Crawford. Extras include new commentary.

Code Red:

CHOMPS (1979) Valerie Bertinelli and Wesley Eure launch a new breed of computerized crime fighting canines in this comedy. Extras include a new interview and commentary.


Boat People (1982) The reasons why thousands of Vietnamese refugees left their country are dramatized in the film from director Ann Hui. Extras include new documentaries and conversations.

Warner Archive:

Edge of Darkness (1943) Errol Flynn is a war resisting fisherman in this tribute to those taking a stand against Nazi invaders during WWII. Extras include a classic cartoon and the film’s trailer.


American Underdog (2021) The true story of Kurt Warner, a supermarket stocker who longed to play for the NFL, is the focus of this drama from filmmakers The Erwin Brothers. Extras include commentary and featurettes.

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